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Aurora Loan Services (a.k.a. Lehman Brothers) / Fraudulent, Dishonest, and Unfair Treatment to borrowers

1 Scottsbluff, CO, United States

Dear Sir:

My story is known to the White House, but it was too late before President Barack Obama read and respond to my letter, Aurora Loan Services after harrassing me and forcing me to pay more than what I was owing, foreclosed my rental home on February 4, . 2010. I have a very good paying tenant in that rental since July 1, 2009, prior to that I had a tenant who owed me $14, 000+ in back rents which I did not know until February 2009 when I took over the management from my hired property manager.

I took over the management because I got laid off from Washington Mutual Bank as a Software Quality Engineer on January 2009. Six months after that my husband suffered from ischemic stroke.

I am writing to you to at least write in the paper about Aurora Loan Services dealings with borrowers like me, I am just surviving with the unemployment and trying to get rentals income as part of our livelihood. Aurora Loan Services (ALS) also known as Lehman Brothers has lied to my records in their system. I seek help from their Executive Committee please postpone the foreclosure due to my loss of job and my husband suffered a stroke back in August. Yes, they postpone the foreclosure to 30 days and just offered one and only solution to pay a monthly repayment of $2, 425 per month for 8 months. My regular mortgage payment was $569 + PMI. I honestly told them I could not afford that, as I am only collecting rental income $1, 025 per month less insurance fees, HOA, and other maintenance.

The Executive Committee who offered me this repayment plan was so stern and not compassionate of my situation, it is like a do or die thing, she said that I was in deficit of -$5, 500 per month which was not true, I told her that if I was on deficit that much I would have let all my rental homes go, in the paper I submitted I was not even at negative or any deficit. They entered my financial figures in the wrong place and with the wrong amount.

She said I have no other option. I cried and I prayed to God and I called ALS Customer Service hoping I could find a rep with a heart, fortunately I found one that had looked at my financial information as entered by Ms. Alicia Hodson. The rep name is Tony Henderson who told me that there was an entry at the Credit Card Payment of a big amount, I told Mr. Henderson that I do not have credit card since I filed for Bankruptcy Chapter 7 in 2007 after almost dying from pre-eclampsia delivering my first baby.

In short, Mr. Henderson, took my information over the phone and told me that he can help me get caught up. He asked me if I can pay $1, 872 per month for 9 months and then in June 2010, I can resume paying my regular monthly payment of $569 + PMI, which is at a total payment of $669. My loan is an Option ARM loan, I never refinanced since I bought that home. Over the phone this was our conversation.

Ms. Alicia Hodson was so furious that I got away from her threats. I strongly believe that she intervene in the Repayment Plan, hence the Repayment Plan document that I received has a balloon payment in June of $10, 000+.

I did not want to sign the Repayment Plan because this was not what Mr. Henderson had promised me over the phone. I called and asked again for the explanation, but to no avail. All I got was an advice from the manager of Tony Henderson, his name was Jason W. Cramer, his advise was to just sign the document so I won't loose the home to foreclosure and then dispute it later.

I followed his advise, I paid the downpayment of $1, 300. Then I mailed my first repayment plan payment of $1, 872 in cashier check via FedEx with my letter inquiring why I got a balloon payment to Ms. Alicia Hodson and Mr. Tom Wind (President of ALS), but after they had received my payment on time, Mr. Tom Wind just gave it all to Ms. Hodson and I had never received a letter acknowledging my inquiry from Mr. Tom Wind. The worst was Ms. Hodson did not post my payment, which after two weeks I received a letter that i broke the Repayment plan that my home will be foreclosed. I was so stressed at that time because my husband was not well yet and has been in and out of the hospital through 911. I had to make extra effort and pay FedEx again to send my proof of delivery of that payment.

I never heard back from Ms. Hodson whether she found my payment or not. I had to be the one to call her and asked her what happened. She never returned my call.

I paid again in November, with a follow up on the balloon payment, but never heard back from ALS what was this all about.

In my upset feeling being treated unfairly, I paid my regular monthly payment in December which is $669 to catch their attention, and sure enough Ms, Hodson called and she said, you broke your repayment plan and we will no longer be able to assist you. Despite of my asking for an explanation on the balloon payment, all they are eager to do is to foreclose my home.

I could not hire an attorney to represent me, they continued and foreclosed my home on February 4, 2010. On January, 2010 I had sent via FedEx my letter of disappointment on this ALS to the White House, Mr. Barack Obama. I also went to the White House Website and almost daily I had been asking for help. I understand that the White House has been receiving floods of inquiries like mine. I am not at all disappointed of our government. It is more on these banks that had received bail out money like Lehman Brothers who has been so UNFAIR and has LIED to my record system so that when I attempted to call the Customer Service, they can no longer help me with any workout, as Ms. Hodson had put a flag on my record system on their end.

It was such a stressful ordeal, now I would like to request your help to put them on the cover of the newspaper...there are a lot of blogs about Aurora Loan Services who had foreclosed thousands of homes and has been so mean to borrowers.

On February 4, 2010, Aurora Loan Services tried to auction the property and nobody had bought it. They are now the current owner of what I had invested in the first place, this has my retirement money on it.

Today, my tenant in that home is facing an eviction process even though by TN Law she has a bonafide Lease Agreements and has receipts that she is paid up to April 30, 2010.

I hope if you can put them on the news, that it would at least give my tenants some time to move properly and not to be harrassed by their eviction. I plan to help my tenant's move, but I cannot attend the court date they set on March 10, 2010 because I am taking care of my husband and my two kids 8 & 3.

Please help me Sir in getting to the public how Aurora Loan Services deals with struggling borrowers like us and how mean they are to tenant with a bonafide lease agreement.

I also had emailed Mr. Arnold Weiss, as according to my Loan Document, he is my Trustee, but he returned my email and I had spoken to his office that he has no interest in this property. I was wondering who really owned my property before I lost it.

The property address is 6131 Woodstock View Dr. Millington, TN 38053. I live in CA, and has been taking care of my husband since he had a stroke on July 2009.

Thank you and am hoping you could write something about Aurora Loan Services. Please note below links of people who had suffered for the unfair treatment and had lied to hundreds of borrowers.

Please help Sir. This would mean a lot to us taxpayers who had lost our homes through Lehman Brothers/Aurora Loan Services fraudulent, dishonest and unfair treatment.

Thank you and may God bless you.


Lolina Porter
Cell: [protected]

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