Aurora Gomez / Insurance fraud accesory

Sucks you have to take the heat for your greedy assed daughter and son-inloserlaw, but that's how it goes. Research title insurance and ethnicity. I guess I could have taken the full amount of $10, 115 from you as you insisted, but your daughter is glad you didn't now, huh? hahah. Like the fat girl has a leg to stand on? Did you know that Marcos Christopher Sena of 1402 Devlin Drive in Vallejo, Ca 95951 aka: MCS Construction pled no contest to one count of child molestation on September 28, 1998, and he was around you and your 14 year old grand-daughter?? No? That figures. Why would Jeff fill you in on his friends? Do you also realize that Mary Ann is going to face a federal offense of insurance fraud? I hate to see you waste all that money of yours on a defense lawyer for your stupid ### daughter and son-inloserlaw, but ya better find her a good Jewish lawyer.

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