aurora cat vet / un sympathetic & abusive service

16863 E Illif Avenue Aurora CO 80013, Aurora, CO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 303-750-2400

Someone needs to know how poorly my cat was treated at this vet. I went in with both of my cats trying them out because I was new to the area and liked their website. First off, their entire office space smelled of cat pee and uncleanliness. Secondly, the male assistant that was working that day was unfriendly to some of the random cats that were walking around the office as I walked by and noticed his sarcastic approach to his work (a very threatening atmosphere for cats coming in for check ups or procedures as they have to be contained while 30 some odd cats are strolling around). Thirdly, the Vet doctor (a black lady wearing a bandanna, didn't get her name) would'nt touch, or stroke or try to befriend my obviously stressed cat. She wouldn't even let her sniff her, no sympathy whatsoever. When I said something she domineeringly put her hand over the cats head. I went there for their yearly shots and explained it would be alright to also administer the lukemia shot as well. Without telling me first, she administered a dose that would adhere for 3 years on top of the lukemia and I couldn't tell if it was the excessive treatment or the stress she put my cat through, but my cat wouldn't eat for over a day and she still winces when I touch the spot at the site of injection. I have had her for 5years and my other cat for 4. I have seen at least 5 vet's due to moving and have never had such a bad experience. I should also go into the way she was treated when they had to put a towel over her and how the male assistant and vet didn't work well together. He would tell her with a rude tone that he wasn't ready for her as she was poking my cat with the needle. I feel absolutely horrible about this experience.

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