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I ordered "Free Trials" of AuraVie and Vivexin the same day since it was suggested both products work together for a better result. Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction after using them for several days. I had to stop one, wait for the swelling in my face to go down...before trying the other to see which product was affecting me. I stopped the Vivexin first ...waited several days and started using the AuraVie once again. Sadly, both products affected my 67 year old skin negatively.
Customer Service at Vivexin was very cooperative and allowed me to return the subsequent shipment by putting Return To Sender on their shipment.
AURAVIE, on the other hand, charges you for the "Free Trial" product you have received ($97.88) if not cancelled in ten days. Sadly, my allergic reaction took longer than that to identify. After the customer service representative spoke to a supervisor, I was offered $30 credit on the ($97.88) they charged my credit card.
SOME companies such as "AURAVIE" are happy use "Free Trials" to SCAM people.

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  • Ju
      21st of Aug, 2012

    Hey there Ladies,
    All of you who got ripped off should read this message!! I fought them, through my Bank...Bank Of America.. and the Better business
    The smart Alec who did this and said "Don't fight it" "You wont win, we have lawyers, etc"

    I WON!!! and so can you. The black mark is on their record and it will remain there. It goes to prove one honest, caring decent woman who didn't deserve to be cheated and lied to and charged $97.00 for nothing... "Free Trial" "Free Sample" ONE WOMAN ..took on the whole company (I could not have done it without my Bank) this conniving company LOST!

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  • Le
      11th of Jan, 2013

    I also got ripped off by this company. After I received my so called free samples, I was charged 89.95. I called and cancelled this and then a few days later I was charged 97.88 from another company that said I received these three little bottles from them. I never got anything but the so called free samples and paid all this money for. I had to go through my bank and get a brand new debit card to make sure that I did not get any more charges for something I never got. I got the delivery confromation numbers from the companies, and they were not even good numbers. I am turning this over to the U. S. Postal inspectors. This is a shame that people can take your money like this and nobody can stop them. Something is very wrong here.

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  • Va
      2nd of Aug, 2013

    I never even ordered the face kit, yet it was delivered to my door with a packing slip for $2.95. Then I saw on my bank statement that they deducted $97.88 from my bank account! I never authorized the purchase or ordered the product. When I called to ask how the hell they got my debit card number the customer representative told me she was discussing this with a Supervisor and they would "trace the IP address" of where the order was placed. She came back and gave me some vague answer and then offered me a $30 credit...I told her she could keep her ridiculous credit and that I had notified my bank that they fraudulently took money from my account. She started backpedaling and telling me that if my bank called them they would refund my money. Oh, how nice!...They will refund the money they STOLE out of my account! Needless to say I am pursuing this through the BBB and my bank. There are reports exactly like this all over the internet with this company. Beware!!! This company should not be able to get away with this.

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  • Dr
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    AuraVie Skin Care - Robbing my bank account
    P.O. Box 10465
    Van Nuys
    United States

    My account was charged $3.02 and $1.93 for a trial. I canceled my membership on April 28th, my account was still charged, but no product mailed. In may I noticed they had took another $97.88 out of my account.I called them and told them I had canceled and told them the cancellation number.They said there was no record of it. They refunded me for April and gave me a return merchandise number to return Mays product that they said they had already mailed. They said they would refund me when they received my returned product. I mailed back Mays product on June 2nd and have not been refunded yet. I had asked to talk to a supervisor when they said they had no record of my cancellation and the cancellation number did not mean anything to them, but he would not let me talk to a supervisor. This also cost me a $35.00 overdraft fee, which I requested they repay me. Thank goodness I use a high risk debit card for online ordering. I only put enough money in that account for my purchases. It cost me an overdraft fee, but at least they don't have my main account numbers.

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