Auralux / Macy's survey resulting in fraud

1 West Linn, OR, United States

I received an email stating I would receive $25 if I would take a quick survey regarding my shopping at Macy's. I clicked on the email and took the survey which only took about 3 min. tops. I then get to the "prize" section after completing the survey, and low and behold, the $25 gift certificate is coincidentally no longer available, but I could choose from three remaining products, Auralux beauty products (Auralux shows several products beauty products leading you to believe you will receive all those products FOR FREE), a weight loss product, and something else I definitely could not use. So, I selected the Auralux products. I received only two of their products in the mail, with the third part of the beauty regimine, "Age-Defying Serum, " I never received. I called Auralux to ask why I didn't receive the "serum, " and the rep. told me that was not actually part of the "trial" product. I complained stating what was shown as a "free gift" lead the consumer to believe you would get all of the products shown (i.e., the serum). I found out that Auralux was within days of dinging my debit card for about $80. I explained about the Macy's survey, and the rep. said "we do not sell our products through Macy's, that she didn't know what website I "accidentally" had gotten on, etc. I quickly cancelled the trial, and she said I would have to ship the products back to Auralux. I knew this was going to cost me because of the weight of the glass jars and their contents, asked to speak to her supervisor stating I was not going to pay for shipping, was put on hold, then rep. came back and said just keep the two jars and they would not require me to send them back. Rep. gave me two cancellation numbers, one for each bottle (VERY IMPORTANT TO GET!), and I documented everything. DO NOT BELIEVE SURVEY PROMISES--THEY ARE SCAMS!

Jan 24, 2015

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