Aura Vie Skin Care / Stole money from my checking account.

1 8135 County Road 747, Webster, United States

I ordered a free trial of Aura Vie skin care for shipping and handling of $2.95. I just started doing my balancing of my checking account and noticed they not only took the $2.95, they also took $97.88. I did NOT order this product, just the trial. They scammed me and I am p---ed off. Does anyone know what I can do, other then take them to court, because I will do that. I can't afford $100.00 for something that stupid. And, I'll be the first to admit it was a stupid thing to do. But, I live on a fixed income and I
allow myself $10.00 a month for myself. My husband gets that too. So, to have someone just take my money is wrong. It has really hurt me financially. My little dog is supposed to have surgery and now, I can't afford for her to have it. I hate these people.
Sincerely, Martha Ivey at [protected] .

May 8, 2014

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