Aul Car Service Contracts / Don't abide by their own advertising

1 St Louis, United States

An absolutely worthless product They spend their time regurgitating what they legally have the right to do instead of actually helping you. Their you tube commercial andx other ads specifically say "can I imagine what its like to be without a car for a day"? yet, after buying a car Ive had for a week, my suspension arms needed changing they said theyd send out an "inspector" the next day --he never showed. I called upset that I should have to wait for any inspector at all? whats the purpose other than to come up with technicalities NOT to pay? The VERY thing they CLAIM they dont do! and they just keep reading that they legally have 24 to 48 hrs to inspect my car and THEN decide if they will pay. YES AUL I know exactly what its like to go without my car for days and my mechanic says the process will go on as he has to submit paper work and my car wont be fixed for at least 5 days due to AUL and their ridiculous questioning of my certified mechanic OR pay out of pocket to get a timely fix which he will have done in a couple of hours.
These snakes will do ANYTHING to weasel out of paying starting with trying to take as much time as possible hoping youll be forced to just pay for it so that you can get to work
My mechanic has never heard of such a thing in 25 yrs of business.

Jun 10, 2015

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