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Audiovox / Scam

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I have an issue with a warranty problem. I purchased an XMH10A on 12/26/2007 and immediately had it installed and activated on the same date. Approximately three weeks ago I noticed that each time I got out of the car, and then back in, the radio would default to channel 1 and would not hold any programmed stations. After a few minutes the receiver would then go into a “loading" or “programming" status. After that process completed, the receiver would again work. I initially thought it was an issue with XM as it was the same time frame they converted the Sirius satellite channels.

This issue grew worse and after contacting XM for over a week, they sent a signal to reprogram the receiver. It did not solve my problem and I was told I would need to contact Audiovox. I did that on 12/03/2008. After speaking to a customer service agent, I was told there was nothing that Audiovox could do for me as I did not retain my receipt. I explained that XM can verify the activation date, and that was within the one year warranty period. The customer service agent (and I use that word very loosely) stated that I could have purchased the radio two years ago, and just activated it last year. Not only is this a ludicrous statement, it should not make any difference when a product is purchased, but when it is put into service. If the auto manufactures had that same philosophy, some cars warranty period would be a third expired before the vehicle was purchased.

I am now forced to purchase yet a third satellite receiver, as I have had two other Audiovox receivers go bad shortly after the warranty period expired, because Audiovox does not stand behind their warranty. Not only will I refuse to do this, I will no longer purchase any Audiovox products, and will cancel my 3 active radio subscriptions on XM.

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  • Ha
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    This is very true of my 3 experiences with audiovox equipment since 1972. I have

    emails, recorded phone calls, dealer service tickets and other receipts to support

    thisregarding the Audiovox car alarm with GPS and Pursuitrak monitoring service:

    False alarms when you move your vehicle. Can't reset it by cell phone, have to go to

    a land line. Audiovox's last firmware update did not fix the problem. As an alarm

    notification system, it sucks because I have documentation from timed, recorded

    phone calls to them on the event, versus when their system notified me by phone and

    email: Can take as long as 30 plus minutes to get notified your vehicle is has been

    moved. By then it could be being stripped. If you are int he car, you'll know sooner,

    especially when you have just started it and stopped at the exit of a hospital garage

    and airport garage (as happened to me) when the alarm opens your ignition and

    disables the starter- because then everyone behind you and the police who are called

    let you know you have a problem (so do the alarm sounding and lights flashing)!

    Attempts to reset it on three different cell phones (mine, another motorist's behind

    me, and a police officer's), using three different networks, all failed because, per

    Pursuitrak tech, "cell phone signals usually aren't clear, you need to use a wired

    phone." After months of this had the system removed before the 1 year audiovox

    parts warranty expired. Alarm did this for going on 5 months before that. Figured out

    myself that if I disarmed it 10 to 20 times (each time lights flash, horn relay activates,

    doors unlock, shortening life of vehicle hardware by a factor of more than 10 [1/10th

    the life or normal use]) to get the GPS module to finally get the alarm module signal

    to disarm. Over time, there might have been NO communication between the two

    modules. I paid for 5 year Pursuitrak plan, they so far have not responded to my

    requests to refund my money. I am looking for others with this problem to organize a

    class action law suit against them. Also, the local dealer (Accessories Unlimited,

    Albuquerque to which I was referred by Toyota dealer) charged me labor to take out

    the two modules [by giving me a less expensive alarm system with no GPS and

    keepng the difference to cover their labor costs for the swap], would only refund the

    cost of those, not the relays and tilt sensor (because "there is nothing wrong with

    those parts" which is why I opted for the less expensive alarm with no GPS from

    them). Do not use Audiovox alarms, the one I bought 14 years ago worked for 15

    months and then failed. This one lasted 6 months. Do not do business with

    Pursuitrak, the service has too many problems as noted above and now their

    monitoring service Pursuitrak has told me thee was nothing wrong with the monitoring

    srvice so I am not entitled to a refund of the 5 year agreement. I have called

    told her that is not acceptable and I want to talk with someone about that. The woman "Linda" who answers the phone said she just takes calls and is not where the other person is and the phone to him is always busy, per her. She said she will send an email telling him I have posted my experiences online and others are reading about it. So far, no call back and no money returned. The dealer said more than 20 modules they sent Oct 08 for firmware updates at Audiovox (to fix this problem) were lost and only one had been returned to them in mid-Jan 09, which they put in mine and it failed as above in less than one week. The only thing good I can say is that after 10 months, the remote start was still working. Good luck if you have an Audiovox remote start and try to use it very long past its warranty period. Also, I almost forgot- 3 days after the alarm was installed, the two-way remote fob failed. It would not work at all for anything. I did test the replacement for distance, it was supposed to work up to one mile, clear distance. It did not work on a test at about 1/4 mile clear distance with new batteries and it would not work inside across a parking garage with all spaces filled with cars, about 400 feet. I held it high over my head and tried holding it on my chin to use my head as extra antenna mass, the vehicle would not start and there was no two-way communication between the alarm and 2-way remote. Going online, the Pursuitrak web site could find the vehicle on GPS sitting under the top deck of the garage. The big issue was that even pressing disarm 5 times before entering the vehicle over a few months time, still resulted in a false alarm from the GPS shutting down the vehicle the first time you move it and stop someplace, like the exit of a parking garage.

  • We
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    Audiovox - Lack of service
    United States

    I emailed this company twice to get simple information about a remote unit for a CD/Radio player. They never have answered me.

    Shouldn't customers and owners of the product get at least an acknowledgement, if not an answer to the question??

    Doesn't Audiovox's lack of service indicate what their future service will be??

  • Jo
      10th of Jan, 2012
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    United States

    Our firm will be filing Class Actions against the mobile phone manufacturers noted below that installed, or allowed to be installed, Carrier IQ, a software that is used for violating privacy of consumers by tracking consumers without their knowledge or consent. Anyone that owns one or more of the mobile phones noted should contact our firm asap to discuss their legal rights. We shall be interviewing prospective clients to act as Class Representatives. There is no fee required to file the case and the court shall determine Class Representative fees if there is a resolution to the case.

    In order for consumers to appreciate the extent of the serious tracking issues involved we have included a few posts concerning this matter:

    Privacy Revolt!: Does Carrier IQ Record Text Messages and Emails?
    Dec 12, 2011 – "CarrierIQ cannot record SMS text bodies, web page contents, ... Privacy concerns arise when a list of URLs is stored on the device and ...

    Senator Al Franken asks about Carrier IQ, the companies answer ..
    Dec 17, 2011 – Two weeks ago, smack-dab in the middle of the CarrierIQ saga, Senator Al Franken pounded his fist on the table and demanded answers.

    Franken Still 'Troubled' by Carrier IQ Despite Company Responses, 2817, 2397732, 00.asp
    Dec 16, 2011 – Sen. Al Franken this week said he is still "very troubled" by the technology deployed by Carrier IQ despite the fact that the company—as well as ...

    Our firm has already filed two class actions against HTC and Samsung regarding this matter. Here is a list of additional mobile phones that our firm will be filing new class actions:

    Motorola Atrix 2
    Motorola Bravo

    Pantech Pursuit II
    Pantech Breeze 3
    Pantech P5000 (Link 2)
    Pantech Pocket

    Sierra Wireless Shockwave

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    Atty Joe Malley
    Dallas Texas

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