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AudioVisions photography / wedding photos

1 TN, United States
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So, Jeff Williams is the one I am complaining about. He, along with his partner were chosen to shoot our wedding for photos.. We sent them a list of photos we'd like for them to take9nd they said that'd be great!), but they forgot it the day of the wedding.They didn't even take a good photo of me coming down the aisle, or one of me and my mother. So, we ended up spending a couple hours after our wedding telling them what we'd like done. It would have been nice if they had just guessed instead of asking us what to do next. isn't that their job? This made us very late to our reception. Also, they left our reception early without even telling us(though we paid them to stay the whole time), so some very important photos were not taken. Moreover, three months went by and we had not heard from them. We asked where our photos were, and Jeff Williams was angry that we wanted our photos(even though he said he'd have them done within a couple of weeks), and Jeff ended up quitting, even though we already paid him. ...So, here I am, over a year later, without my wedding photos. They were paid, but we do not have your photos yet. Moreover, they have some of our wedding photos on their Myspace!!! They are our wedding photos, but we have no access to them. They are there for the whole world to see, even though that was not in our contract.

So, they didn't take important photos of me and my hsuband, me walkign down the aisle, etc.. even though we had spoken about what photos were most important to us

They only took five engagement photos..(after promising a lot more)

They took so long to figure out what they wanted to do with our photos after our ceremony that it made us late, very late, to our reception. (people were already leaving.).. We had to instruct them what photos to take!

They left early from our wedding reception without telling us, even though we paid them for the full reception.

They promised to have the photos done for us within a couple weeks, but we did hear from them until three months later. Jeff was irritated that I asked for our photos, so he quit, took the money and ran. This left Wayne to deal with it all alone. Well, it is now over a year later, and we still do not have our photos.( This is after meeting with him many times, talking to him many times, and being told many times that he was working on them)

Also, you can find our wedding photos on their public Myspace. This is not fair to us, because we don't even have access to them, and we don't have prints of them. those photos are personal to us and it is quite irritating knowing the whole world can view them, but we can't.

Wedding photos are important. Please do not use these people. I still cry about it.


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