Audio Addiction / Customer Treatment

1 Monroe, MI, US
Contact information:
Phone: 734-682-1286

I went into this store fully expecting to be TOLD what equipment to buy for my car.

And that is the subject for this "complaint". I have been in many other shops, and they say - my Brand X is the best, or you HAVE to buy Brand Y because it is what everyone has!

Not so in this shop!

The owner has a good quality selection of brands in every price-point - and is not afraid to be different and recommend products he believes in.

If I had never stepped foot in his shop, I would have never heard of brands like AudioPipe, Fusion, Incriminator Audio, Massive Audio etc.

They don't put their money into advertizing, they put it in the product, and word of mouth is their strategy.

Just like Audio Addiction. There are no ads in the newspaper, no gimmicky TV ads, and a small one-line space in the phone book. Their work and professionalism speak for themselves.

There is one employee - the owner... so you know the service you are getting. He is willing to share his knowledge and expertise to allow you to make an educated decision based on your budget - not popularity.

The complaint I have is not really a "complaint" - just not used to be treated like a customer when it comes to Car Audio brands and selection.

Thanks Audio Addiction. My car sounds better than ever!!

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