Audi / e audi a4 tdi clutch plate failure at 36 000km

South Africa
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I bought a new audi a4 tdi efficiency in 2010 on thursday 29 march 2012. The car started having problems with the clutch after 36 000 km. I called audi menlyn and was told I could only bring the car in on monday, after which I asked what if the car breaks down? I was then told to bring the audi in on friday 30 march 2012. Later that afternoon I phoned audi again, informing them that there is a serious problem with the car and there seems to be smoke coming out of the car. After reception spoke to a technician, they confirmed that I could drive the car to audi menlyn. I phoned again, told them that I don’t think I should drive the car anymore, they should tow it, again I was told I could still drive it. I said the car was starting to shake. Only after the car broke down, audi towed the car to their menlyn branch. Friday afternoon I was told by tony, my technician, that the clutch was broken and they are going to get one from germany and it would take a week. On saturday morning another technician phoned, told me the clutch was broken. As it was driver related, I have to pay approximately r9000, 00 to get it fixed. They have one in stock and could fix it immediately if I was prepared to pay the said amount. I told them again that the car has a motor plan but was informed that the problem with the audi is driver related and therefore the motor plan does not cover the costs for the clutch that was burned blue. The clutch was burned blue, due to the advice their technichan has repeatedly given me and they should resolve it. On 03 april 2012, tony from audi phone me again and said the problem is driver related. I told him everything I told the previous technician and the problem is still unresolved and the car is still with audi menlyn. I have always received very good service from audi menlyn I hope this is not only the exception when you don’t have problems with your car.

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