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You purchase a kitten and then pay the they send all reveal ant information back to you say the kitten will arrive stupidly we wired money to a western union acc, they do not give out any phone numbers only email but I do have a phone number of the so called courier +[protected] this number is inAfrica I got this number when he rang me

Jan 10, 2015
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  • Di
      Oct 01, 2015

    Thanks guys for sharing- so glad I reached this webpage. Thankyou for all your warnings- I was about to try to claim my new kittens.
    I couldn't believe that they were offering so many free ragdoll kittens (all the ads in the region looked very similar, so I wondered whether a cattery was shutting down). I had checked prices for ragdoll kittens from registered breeders' websites- they were $750-$1200 each for kittens. I also noticed that very similar ads were showing over the past year, but thought maybe people didn't use the site much and they were selling off their cats over a period of time.
    I put away my misgivings, emailed them a message through the site and received a reply that asked me to email a particular address for more information.
    Message received:
    " Hello there, Email [protected] for more details and pics.The kittens are still available both male and female."

    I emailed them back, although I was a little surprised because the site allows you to send messages to each other which needing to communicate directly from each other's emails.
    The reply I received was sent at 5:10am, which I thought was a little weird seeing they were in the same region as us (why would they be up so early?). Here is the response as below:

    Thanks for your inquiry about my kittens. I have a male and
    female available to give out. They are 12 weeks old, vet checked and
    registered, well trained and love the company of children and other
    household pets. They are healthy and have all their complete
    documents. We are giving out these kittens because our son is sick and
    recently became allergic to animals, so our doctor advised us to give
    out the kittens. Honestly we do feel sad to give out these kittens but
    we got no choice since our son's health is very important to us. All
    we now want is for these kittens to move into a loving and caring
    home. Before giving these kittens away, we would like to ask you some
    few questions:

    Have you ever raised a kitten before?

    which breed are you interested in?

    Do you have a contact number you can be reached on?

    Do you have experience with this breed?

    Why are you looking for a kitten/kittens?

    Do you have a vet around your home?

    Where are you located?

    Can you afford for the Cost and transportation of the kitten/kittens?

    Would you like to have the male or the female or maybe both siblings?

    How soon do you need the kitten/kittens?

    Sorry if we had asked many questions, we just want to be
    sure these kittens get the love and care they need. Looking forward to
    hearing from you."

    I did respond, answering the questions although I was surprised by the question "which breed are you interested in?" although I had clearly responded to a ragdoll kitten advertisement. The photos of the male kitten sent looked legitimate, except for the photos of the female which were extremely minute- rather like a tiny profile picture (in reflection, I believe just a picture pinched from somewhere off the internet). Another thing that didn't sound right was that they were offering 12 week old kittens, when I had clearly responded to an advertisement offering 3-6 month old kittens.

    After responding and waiting for a reply, I checked the website to see whether the ad had been pulled down. No, it was not and as I went back through the ads in the region I noticed they were all very similar. I checked other regions in my state, again same type of ads advertising the same type and age of kittens with all paperwork, sterilised, vaccinated etc etc over the entire state, even from unlikely harsh country areas. Then I checked interstate- the same ads were plastered multiple times, over several years, all over the entire country of Australia, covering almost all regions. Ridiculous! Then I started googling whether it was a scam, and yes, others had had the same experience.

    STAY AWAY FROM THE WHOLE SITE- I didn't see one legitimate advertisement offering a cat/kitten for adoption free, or even for sale, at all.

    Very disgusted Australian- wish there were some way of shutting down the whole site. It looks like these scammers have been operating for years.

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  • Di
      Oct 02, 2015

    I received a reply back from the scammers, as pasted below:

    "Hello (name),
    Thanks for getting back to us with answer to our questions .
    They are an excellent example of the breed. They are healthy,
    intelligent and have a loving and playful personality.The grey one
    is the female called CINDY and the other the male called MILLIE.
    They loves much attention and to be pampered, the
    are 12 weeks old, vet checked, DE-wormed, micro-chipped and have all
    vaccines up to date, they are comforted and walks around the
    house. They loves the company of both children and adults. We recently
    moved to Melbourne.since we had to move closer to my son's doctor and
    since you are far from our present location, we would arrange for a
    delivery of the kittens using a nearby delivery agency in
    charge of pets transportation which is near our home this once you ok with
    the arrangements. You would just have to pay for the delivery and adoption
    fee of the kittens to your home as we are more interested in a caring and
    loving home than the money to be paid for purchase. To arrange for their delivery,
    we would need the following details in this order:








    AS soon as you provide us with the above details, we would quickly
    prepare the change of ownership documents and arrange for a home
    delivery to your doorstep. You would be paying the sum of $500 for both kittens
    to the delivery agency directly for the transportation and the adoption fee of the kittens.
    That is $300 for the adoption fee and $200 for the transportation, making it a total of
    $500.This money you would have to pay will be for
    the delivery of the kittens to your home and adoption fee of kittens. They would
    have a care and instruction package that would assist you in providing an easy
    transition to his new forever homes. We would also send all paperwork
    including details of current vaccinations, veterinarian examination,
    health certificate, health guarantee, pedigree, travel crate,
    micro-chipped (in case they ever lost or stolen) and all other health
    certificates at our disposal, blankets and some food with the delivery
    agency in charge of the transportation of the kittens to your home.
    Hope you take proper care, cuddle and even spoil this kittens for us
    OK? and do send us updated pictures as this kittens grows OK?

    Looking Forward for your Respond.

    Of course, they have "suddenly" moved from their previous location.

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