Auburn Chrysler Dealer, Auburn, INservice to my durango

My 2 headlights burnt out. I took the Durango in to just replace the headlights. When I drove it at night, the headlights were facing down right in front of the vehicle. I could not see very far. I called and took it back in. They said they adjusted the headlights. When I drove at night, still no difference and when I put the brights on, the lights shown up in the tree tops. I took in again and they showed me how they adjust the headlights. So I drove away. No charge, which is only right. I then took the Durango to another Chrysler dealer for an oil change and to see if they could do any thing about the head lights. I took to another dealer because I felt if Auburn can not change the headlights correct, I did not want them to do the oil change. The other dealer, Angola Chrysler dealers, Dunhams, said they adjusted the headlights, but they are no better. Winter is coming, and that is the main vehicle I drive. I am calling the Auburn Dealer to see what they will do. This is very inconvient and stupid. 3 visits on changing the headlights????

  • Updated by Sandy Sue, Jul 25, 2018

    Going to call Auburn Chrysler Dealer

Jul 25, 2018

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