Au Pair / Neglect and endangerment

San Diego, CA, United States

We had the worst experience ever with Cultural Care. We were overly encouraged to take a nanny whom we were told had not worked out with her first family. It was explained to us that she was a victim of a 9 year old sexually harrassing her and that she had requested to be removed. I reviewed her resume and was concerned because all of her "experience" listed in childcare consisted of 4 families none of which she worked for for more than two weeks. One family she listed she had only worked for for one week. I was told that she was really great and that if we didn't take her she would be deported so I overlooked my intellect and "took her in"...the biggest mistake of my life! After only 1 week I had more complaints about her than I have had against the three live in nannies we have had over multiple years. She refused to come out of her room before 10. She wouldn't change the babies diapers, she ignored them when they cried and failed to even meet their basic needs. After a week of her repeated behavior despite me requesting assistance from Cultural Care and then to find out that when cultural care confronted her she began to lie about my family and claim that she was again being victimized I finally informed them that I wanted a refund and would not be keeping her in our home.n As it was the entire week she was with us I had to hire my previous nanny to try to teach her how to take care of kids. Following our experience with her I requested more information concerning the circumstances surrounding her first family... her first claims of being a victim was very unlikely because apparently when that family had complained to the agency suddenly her claims of sexual assualt and harrassment against the 9 year old boy came out. Cultural Care refused to give me a refund and penalized me for early withdrawal from the program. I am now hiring a will probably cost more to go after them then I will get in return but it is the principal behind the whole thing! I know that with nannies and au pairs it can be a bit of luck of the draw, but when a bad one is discovered Cultural Care needs to make more of an effort to protect the families and to take care of the families for which their very existence relies upon. Without the families they have no service to provide!

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