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ATV Discounters / Bad service

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I ordered 2 110 cc atv's for my children. Pink camo and yellow camo were the colors I ordered. They asked for alternate colors and I chose yellow and blue. These machines come with matching youth sized helmets. Upon receiving the atv's via Estes truck freight we realized that we had in fact received a blue one and a red one. My son fell in love with the red one so no harm there. The problem is they shipped the pink camo helmet w/ the blue atv. Upon seeing how cool the pink camo was I became a tad irritated and my daughter wanted the pink camo atv. We called atv discounter to tell them of the problem and they pretty much told us "oh well, you chose alternate colors". They want us to pay for shipping to send the pink helmet back so they can send us the blue one. Yeah right! I am writing this to inform parents that if you order from this company you will probably not get the color you choose so don't get your kids hopes up. The freight company they use do not have lift ramps on the back of the trucks so unless you have a shipping dock on your garage, good luck. The boxes the atv's come in are over 200 lbs so be sure you have help when the truck shows up. My issue could have been easily solved. They should pay to ship the blue one back and back order a pink one for me. Simple. I have a feeling the shipping and receiving dept. is incompetent.

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  • Ji
      26th of Apr, 2008
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    I don't know. Estes trucking should have had a liftgate. The majority of buyers have had no problems with the trucking company not having a lift gate. And that is not ATV Discounter's fault, they paid for the lift gate, it costs more.. More that YOU didn't have to pay... The color is another issue. BUT, you did not pay for shipping to begin with, so it isn't unreasonable to expect you to pay for the shipping to return the helmet. But it's cheaper to go buy another helmet. Since, the helmet you got you also did not pay for. It was a freebee with the price. I understand the dissapointment, but at the same time, you only paid at most $450 a piece for them. SO, think about it. If you went to your local dealer and picked out the one you wanted, you would easlily pay $800 or more per atv for the same size. THen you would be sure to get the color you wanted. Unless they didn't have it in stock, in which case they could special order it for you, for an additional cost, and then sell you a matching helmet for $99. I am nt saying it's YOUR fault, because it isn't, and you ordered pink camaflouge, you should have gotten pink camoflauge. BUT, you did pay an EXTREMELY low price for the ATV, you should have also done your research, if you had, you would have known that they can't guarantee any color, you select two colors, and hope for the best. That is the deal.. DO they run ok? Are they decent looking scooters? All I am saying is people should think a bit before they start blaming the seller. Why should they pay for the shipping to send your helmet back and send you a new one? They would end up losing money on the deal. THe price you paid is incredibly low. Count your blessings that you have two nice atv's and the kids really could care less once they start riding them, you know it, I know it. Enjoy what you have, You didn't get ripped off, they didn't take your money and run. You got two $800 ATV's for almost half price...

  • Be
      9th of May, 2008
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    This is a very tame sounding story. The company is crap, their products are crap, their customer service is crap. I ordered an ATV for my kids for Christmas. It broke down 10 minutes into the first ride. It has now been 5 months and I cannot get a replacement part. Crap Crap Crap! Do not buy from this Company!

  • Be
      9th of May, 2008
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    My name is Larry Stricklin. I recently ordered a go cart from your company in December. My daughter rode the go cart for about 15 minutes before the front end broke. I sent the part back under warranty before January and since then have been working with your parts and shipping department more specifically a lady named Patti. Typically I am put on hold for up to 20 minutes or someone else picks up and tells me Patti has gotten busy and will call me back. This has yet to happen. I understand that the parts channel from China is unreliable, but most times when I call whoever is working tells me that they do not have any record of my order and I have to talk to Patti, then the cycle repeats itself. I asked Patti who her boss was and she said she did not have one, that she is the top of the chain. I am possibly getting deployed so I drove to Fort Worth to ensure that I got my daughters part before I left the country. The parts manager told me he would sort it out and get right back to me. I have never heard from him since. I got your contact information from an outside sales rep. Now I have been in retail and if this were an example of one of my logistics manager's work, I would want to know as soon as possible. Several people have told me that they liked the look of the go cart and are curious where they can get one. I have had to tell them due to my experience I would not order anything from this company. I have no reason to exaggerate the facts and would welcome the opportunity for you to listen in on a call to Patti, who I presume from her information is your store manager. I would actually like a refund if this is the type of parts service that I can expect in the future. I am sure that other people have had the same experience and I assumed you would want to know this information as soon as possible to ensure that you remain successful. Thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter.

  • Jo
      19th of May, 2008
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    1.) This January, I bought an SLA-255 ATV from ATV Discounter. All seemed fine except for an exhaust leak where the pipe bolts onto the engine. I assumed that I had not installed the gasket properly, so I ordered another one. I was charged $11. I received the gasket, re-installed it and the pipe and there was no change. So, I called your service department. I talked to someone who said that they had bought one of the same units. His exhaust leaked too, but I shouldn't worry about it because it wouldn't cause any harm. That is incorrect. An exhaust leak at the engine like that will burn the exhaust valve. At that point I said goodbye and scheduled time with a local shop. I took the atv into the shop the next day. The day after I was able to pick it up. The cause for the leak was that the flange around the exhaust pipe was only welded about 7/8 of the way around. That was the cause for the leak and the burning of the gaskets. Cost for repairs, $182.00. At that point I thought, "oh well, anyone can make a mistake".

    2.) On March 27th, I bought an MC-01 Street Motorcycles from ATV Discounter. It took 7 weeks to receive the MCO and bill of sale. In Idaho, I must transfer the title on a new vehicle within 30 days or they charge me another $20. I had to speak with 4 different people on as many occasions to finally get this taken care of.

    3.) On April 2nd, I bought one of their DB-07 dirt bikes. I assembled it, put gas in the fuel tank, and took it out for a quick ride. During that ride the chain guide attached to the swing arm disintegrated and upon finishing my ride, I noticed that gasoline was leaking slowly from the tank and tubing leading to the carburetor. Upon examination, the tubing had been cut off at an angle, not allowing for a proper seal. That was easy to fix. But also the tank itself was leaking from the back two holes where the trim screws on. This is a serious safety concern as it presents a fire or explosion risk. The tank needs to be replaced and I also need a new chain guide. Because of Postal Service rules I cannot send the gas tank back.
    ATV Discounter at first promised to replace the parts, now they will not even speak with me. Also the MCO that was finally sent for this bike is incorrect (or fraudulent). It says the bike is a 2008, but it is in fact a 2007. I have not been provided with a correct MCO as of this date. So, I cannot get a title or off-road permit for this bike.

    4.) A couple of weeks ago, I also ordered a new floor mat for an SL150-26 scooter that I had bought last fall from another seller. I paid 30 dollars for a "new" mat. I was sent a used mat with holes in it. I called and talked with Travis in the parts department. He told me to send that mat back (at my expense) and he would send me a new one. I received the "new" one today. It is also used with a hole in it.

    On or about 5/1/2008, I called and talked with Eric in the sales department. He connected me with Bob in parts. Bob assured me that I would be receiving a new gas tank, chain guide and floor mat. All I have received so far is the used floor mat with a hole in it. The way I look at it, ATV Discounter owes me paperwork for the MC-01, a new gas tank (that doesn't leak) and a new chain guide for the DB-07, a NEW floor mat for the scooter, $182 for repairs on the atv, and $11 for the gasket for the atv (which was not the problem). I called and talked with Eric on Monday and again yesterday. He acted totally disinterested. I later talked with Sheri Barling who promised that all these issues would be taken care of. Still nothing as of 5/19/2008.

  • Ly
      23rd of May, 2008
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    In April of 2008, I spoke with Nathan Barling, manager of ATV Discounters, after receiving the wrong sized ATV unit, and the fact that the unit arrived damaged: the headlight switch lacked the switch to turn on the front headlights, and the kill switch didn't work. I also didn't receive all the appropriate paperwork, and the title, which was requested. Despite numerous emails and telephone calls, I was forced to contact the BBB to hopefully get results. More than a month later, I finally received a new headlamp switch along with a new start switch; needless to say it was not the correct part. The BBB send a letter in May indicating that they are forced to close the case due to the fact that ATV Discounters refused to cooperate. The best they could do for me was place a negative complaint in ATV Discounter file. L'ynn Jordan of ATV Discounters title dept wrote once to indicate that a title would be sent immediately, but it was a smoke screen because I never received one. It is now nearing the end of May, I still write weekly to ATV Discounters for the title to this unit, but never receive a response. I'm hoping they will tire of my insistences, and just send the required paperwork. As for the defective part on my ATV, I figure that will never be sent. Beware all th0ose interested in this company. THEY ARE A RIP OFF. YOU ARE NOT SAVING ANY MONEY BUYING FROM ATV DISCOUNTERS. Their customer service department is a joke. They don't respond to email or telephone messages. They are not trust worthy either. They are registered on Ebay also, so don't be fooled. It's the same company. I didn't buy from them off the Ebay platform, nevertheless, anyone interested in purchasing an ATV should buy one locally or just choose a different company. ATV DISCOUNTERS are bad news.

  • Ro
      28th of May, 2008
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    I have two atvs from them, and the only problem i found is there techs dont know there ###~ form a hole on the ground !!!
    i can oder what i want from suni and hemsim and get it fast and quicker than dealing with those bo~ sose !! i dont have any problems with the drive trains, just small stuff like a switch and i replaced the fuel lines the day i got them because the ones on them were junk, had both 150 s for a year and mine gets road very rouf on a 400 acr ranch run:n fence and stuff daily, and its
    still very fast and gets me there and back, ( with a little fun !!!
    my complaint is that the right hand dont know where the left hand is lol... ???????????

  • Te
      30th of May, 2008
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    ATV Discounter! Please take a HINT! YOU HAVE SERIOUS PROBLEMS IN YOUR SERVICE AND PARTS DEPARTMENTS! And, you are loosing business right and left just because you dont have any trained people answering your phones! For that matter you dont have ANYONE answering your phones! You have some good products, but past that, you've got [censored] when it comes to after the sale customer support. I've got 3 of your Mendele 150MD karts and have been pleased with them, but I need PARTS! Take a friggin' Hint already! Get someone on your phones and return some calls! I'm ready to call my Creditcard company and stop payment if you folks don't take care of business. This is [censored].

  • Ro
      7th of Jun, 2008
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    You know in Texas, the lemond law applyes to atv sold in this state!! and yes i own two 150's from there and both seam to do ok, except the plastic stuff like lights and and safety swiches are junk, i replace mine with after market stuff and super glue, they realy dont matter to me about the plastics, but to a kid there important and yes atv discounters in fort worth dont know
    or dont want to know about there custumers and there parts have over a 100% mark up, I got mine on -line for 1/2 the price
    they charge and quicker, they need to learn to service what they sell, thats why im starting my own atv sales and repair
    buisness, mybe i can put those dummies out of buisness lol...

  • G4
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    ATV Discounters charged my credit card the day I ordered a scooter. THIS IS ILLEGAL. They cannot take money from your credit card account until they have an item READY TO SHIP. They never gave me a tracking number. Anyone wanting more information on this may go to

    Good luck.

  • Ga
      18th of Jul, 2008
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    If you are interested in buying a anything do not go to ATV Discounter to do so. You will be sorry. I bought a scooter from them three months age and it has not run right since I have had it. The charging system is messed up and it has been in for repair 3 times and can't find out what is wrong with it. They call me and tell me to come and get it that it is fixed and within 40 miles of riding it is doing the same thing again. When I e-mail them about the problem and let them know that I am upset they say it was fixed each time I picked it up and it is not there fault that something else goes wrong that instead of complaining I need to just bring it back to there shop in Fort Worth and they will fix the new problem. I tell them that there is no new problem, they have never fixed the first problem and they just say it was fixed when you picked it up. It does not keep a charge and has never kept a charge since I have had it. Once they get your money they do not care anything about you so just like all the e-mails you read about them the are true and beware do not buy a thing from them. When you have a problem they have absolutly no idea of how to repair it. I think they pick up there repair personel on the street corner where they gather looking for a job for the day.
    Gary Holmes
    Cypress, Tx. 281-304-4406

  • Jo
      21st of Jul, 2008
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    I posted earlier about multiple problems with ATV Discounter. As of 7/21/2008 they are still lying to me about sending me a new gas tank and gain guide. Please, please please, don't buy anything from these rip-off's. Read these comments from me and the others and be warned. You WILL have problems with whatever you buy. Apparently, the company is owned and managed by the Barling family as there appear to be several Barlings working there. They all appear to be liars cheats and thieves. When you have problems with whatever you buy, and you will, even if you get through to one of the Barlings, they will just lie and shine you on. All I have been trying to get from them, for almost 4 months now, is a gas tank and chain guide for the dirt bike I bought. They have promised they sent them, but they have not. They even went so far as to give me a fake DHL tracking number. The package was never sent. I am now pursuing this matter with Visa. I paid with a Visa card and I am now going to contest the charge. I would also advise contacting the Texas Office of the Attorney General. These people need to have legal action taken against them. If you would like, I will be happy to be of assistance to you. You may contact me through this forum.
    - Jon

  • Do
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    I puchased a SUNL150 scooter from them in June with free shipping after 3 weeks still no scooter i check the online tracking it shows that it is at the Estes shipping gate. I contact Estes they said it is at there dock waiting for me to pick it up. If I wanted it shipped to my house I have to pay for it, So I drive the hour trip to get it open it up no paperwork except a blank Hong Kong Title. Call Atv discounter I was told to fill out the online request. I get a call back, told again fill out a online Reqest for the paperwork. I do this several times untill they no longer called me back. I contacted the BBB and after a week and a half get a nasty letter from them that it was my fault, if i had filled out a Online request for the paperwork when I bought the scooter I would have got it with the scooter. Got my paperwork after 6 weeks, its legal after having to pay penalties but I will NEVER buy from them again. There is a ATVDiscounter in Missouri I called him to se if he could help me he told me to fill out the online request. This is a Joke of a company.

  • Ma
      1st of Aug, 2008
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    I was thinking about ordering some merchandise from atv.discounters, until I discovered one of my friends had purchased a125 dirtbike and 125 fourwheeler in Christmas of 07. Hes had nothing but trouble from these products not just one, both of his kids are very disappointed in their gifts. I thought to myself they were just joking that the products just weren't took care of. I guess that's what I get for thinking that. I greatly appreciate the comments all the stories are very similar to my friends here in Eagle Rock, Virginia thanks so much.

  • Ka
      11th of Aug, 2008
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    I was online for hrs last night with my young son, looking at their ATVS. We actually picked out one, but now I'm not willing to take a chance with them. Anyone reccommend a reputable dealer? I'm in ky.

  • Ho
      24th of Aug, 2008
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    I purchased a 250cc scooter from ATVDiscounters and have repeatedly requested a proper, notarized MCO from them in order to get a title. They have simply ignored my requests. This scooter was purchased in November of 2007 and has yet to be used as a result. I will have to get a bonded title which takes a long time and is quite extensive as well as expensive. I should mention that under the law this is considered fraud! A company that easily deals in such dishonesty should never be trusted. Don't purchase anything from them. Instead, write the Attorney General in Texas. ATVDiscounters should not be licensed to do business. If it were cost effective, I would file suit against them for fraud and for violation of the Universal Commercial Code. I am currently researching what legal remedies are available federally since they are perpetrating these frauds by selling products interstate.

  • Co
      28th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes - Once the product is delivered they will not return phone calls
    Frontier Imports/atvdiscounters
    United States

    I too have fallen victim to this company that is nothing but a bunch of scam artists. My nightmare began On 8-4-08 whenI ordered an atv from them and was told I would recieve a confirmation email within 24hours. The email would have my order number which would connect me to a checkout site where I could get my invoice. Within 7 to 10 days a tracking number would be posted and I could track the delivery.
    I did get an order number but I was unable to access the website. I sent an email and the next day recieved a generic email back saying that shipping takes 7 to 10 days, they never answered my question. The next day still with no success, I sent another email and recieved one back from customer service sayin again it it takes 7 to 10 days and they are aware of the problem with the website.
    Another week goes by with still no tracking number. I call and get the salesman who sold me th unit and was now told it takes 10 to 14 days. When I confronted regarding him saying 7 to 10 he just denied it. I informed him of the email I recieved saying 7 to 10 I heard nothing but crickets chirping on the other end. I was told to "hang in there you're close".
    The following week I call again and was told a tracking number was assigned on 8-18 and it should be loaded to the website by the 21st. That day ( still no number) I send another email and in return get a totally different number than the first and a message saying my atv was shipped to a different state.
    Again I call this time yelling, screaming and threatening to stop payment. I asked to speak with a manager and was denied the opportunity after being lied to about where he/she was. Only then was I able to get someone's attention. I recieved a call back from someone claiming to be the customer service manager who assured me she would have it rectified by the end of the week.
    As of today 8-28-08 I still have no atv and they have no idea where it is. In there defense they did send me a free helmet for my trouble Whoopee! The only problem is I have no atv so the helmet is worthless.
    Please, Please do not do business with this company. They are a bunch of liars and scam artists. Iv'e never seen anything like it in my life.

  • Ma
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    I purchased a 250cc scooter from ATVDiscounters and I received the worst service ever. The windshield was damaged when I received the scooter. I drove the scooter and the back brakes failed. They won't fix anything and won't give me money to fix the items. I contacted the credit card company and they couldn't help me because I fixed the brakes in the meantime and they said it was altered. I would never recommend ATVDiscounters to anyone.

  • Ma
      3rd of Nov, 2008
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    ATV Discounter

    We also bought from ATV Discounters. They are crooks. The scooter arrived damaged. The scooter was crated with steel angle irons set up against the paint and windshield and no padding.

    It was all scuffed up and rubbed in many places. I complained a dozen times and they said they would at least send a new windshield and never did. Then after I had it a week the rear brake hose blew out. Again they ignored me. I had to take it to a local dealer to get it fixed at my expense or it was not even usable.

    I found out from the dealer the cheap brake lines on the bike were not even DOT approved and thus the failure. They are a danger to even drive and after I'm going to report this to DOT and consumer protection.

    When we bought the bike it came with a 1 year warranty. The warranty is a joke. Since they have changed there Website to a 30 day warranty and put obstacles in the way of the warranty so the average person will never even have a 30 day warranty.

    Like I said they deserve to be taken down by consumer protection and The Department of Transpertation.

    If you buy one of these and have problems here is what you do.

    Don't fix it or alter it in any way. Make your complaint and document it. Save all information about the fact you contacted them about the defects.

    Then file a charge back with your card company. The mistake we made is taking it to a dealer to get it repaired. If we would have left it in the unusable condition the we would have been given the credit card refund and they could of picked up the piece of junk at their expense.

    Also make sure to file complaints with the BBB. Consumer protection and you State attorney General as well.

    These people need to be put out of Business.

    Good Luck if you bought from them . You will need it.

  • Ti
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    We bought a scooter from them in August it was totally detroyed when it arrived. the box/metal cage it came in was crushed and the scooter was a wreck. I told them i wanted a new one and they said all they could do was replace the parts that were ruined. I am still waiting and it has been 3 months.

  • Ba
      10th of Dec, 2008
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    My name is Barbara Sollberger, please call me at 972 859-9359, if you are interested in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. ATV DISCOUNTERS needs to be stopped. Their product is not safe. I have posted a complaint prior to this one. Call if you are interest, the products, service and response is not good. They need to know they must back and produce products that are safe for the comsumer. Call, I am recieving calls now & will persue this to be sure justice is done. They lie constantly. This is umbelievable.

    Barbara & Gene Sollberger

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