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The following is the true horror story of service by AT&T and a product of ATTUverse . I being the nice mother of a daughter who resides in a different state but not far away, decided it would be nice to present to my grandchildren internet service. I called their provider AT&T and asked them how to set up account for internet DSL. The nice and smart talking young man knew he had a 60+ grandma so told the old lady...Yes, Mame I will have the people to your daughter's home the next morning. By the way I forgot to mention the young man mentioned something called bundle...which I said oh husband already has a account for my daughter for telephone service...A bundle is what she needs said the nice young man...The old lady asked what will be the price...which was easy there would be a set up fee and a one time $50 fee and after that it will run you around $27+ a month. The old lady said WOW that is more than Windstream which is $17...but it is a different company...I will take it...a FEW weeks later the grandmother receives her first bill a total of $69.00, the bill arrived 5 days after the due date with the wrong name to the addressee...the old lady went to throw it away since it was not her, but she open it. After reading she realizes OOps something is wrong...she calls another nice young person (by the way her patience is great...45 minutes was the time it took for her to talk to a real person after saying to awful music...etc...The old lady was told to pay the bill through a real person it will cost the $5 late fee and additional $5 because it is a real pay by phone it will cost you the $5 late fee but you will have to call that 866 number and speak to the machine for another 15 minutes if you tell the machine the information it wants to. The grandmother says she wants the Uverse cancelled immediately in which the nice young man says I can do that but I will transfer you to the nice young lady and she says ..well transfer you to the nice young man..who says just take the equipment to the nearest UPS we have a contract and they will know what to do and tell them your account number...know...The grandmother gets the equipment and takes off work to go to the nearest UPS only to find out it was not a UPS Store their is a difference. Of course after another 20 minutes talking to a machine to get a human this is learned and because it is a plain UPS no way could they allow them to ship the equipment. Being efficient the UPS already has boxed up the equipment and grandma pays them $2.00 with apologies about the taking up 40 minutes of their time. Know grandma will have to get the guidance system put in the address and travel 42 miles to the UPS store because Uverse would not allow her to have UPS just mail the damn thing...Which remember she did not order in the first place...


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