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Attractions Wholesale Travel / Attractions wholesale travel lacks the most basic customer care skills!

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To whom it may concern: In March 2007, I had the regrettable experience of booking a vacation through Attractions Wholesale Travel online.

The Attractions Wholesale Travel online service does not explain that the discounted vacation is a sales scheme for a timeshare resort. I only found that out because I called the number on the web site to confirm my reservation. Concerned with spending my vacation dealing with high pressure sales tactics, I decided to cancel my reservations a couple of days later. That is when the nightmare started. The operator transferred me to the booking agent, who I found out later, was also the manager, customer service agent, and president of the agency. As I tried to explain my desire to cancel the reservation, the agent form Attractions Wholesale Travel screamed at me for having the audacity to try to cancel my reservation, as if it was something out of the ordinary. She then proceed to tell me about a cancellation policy, which I did not know, so she called me a liar. I did try to contact the manager, and the customer service representative, of course to no avail, since the booking agent was also the president and the customer service representative. The only thing I got were rude e-mails back at me. Only after threatening taking the matter to the BBB, the agency refunded my money, but no apologies, on the contrary, the agent try to turn things around and portrayed me as the villain.

It is unfortunately that Attractions Wholesale Travel lacks the most basic customer care skills; otherwise they probably could have more repeated business and would be less desperate for commission sales.

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  • Di
      4th of Apr, 2007
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    I'm glad I'm not alone on this. Here's my experience: On 04/03/07 at approximately 12:00pm I reserved a hotel stay with Dawanda, a travel coordinator for Attractions Wholesale Travel in the amount of $353.75, which included a 4 days/3 nights stay at a Days Inn hotel with two Disney Park tickets. I gave her my credit card number and she informed me that she would email me further information including paperwork that needed to be signed to complete the transaction. Within the following 2 hrs I had to cancel the reservation due to unseen circumstances and called Dawanda to let her know that I would not be able to make the trip. She transferred me to another department without informing me (I still don't know what department that was) and spoke with a lady that told me that I would still be charged the full amount of the trip because when I made the reservation, it was a "no cancellation, no refund" reservation; something that was not explained to me in any way, shape, or form. She told me that Dawana had informed her that she had explained the cancellation policy to me which is a blatant lie and that she could not rely on 'he said, she said' because she was not present while Dawana and I had the conversation. She then transferred me back to Dawana because she would be the only one that could do something for me. Upon speaking with Dawana once more, she said that someone had to pay for that trip, either her or me, and it wasn't going to be her (nice customer service!) I told her that she had never explained the cancellation policy. Her response: "I shouldn't have to." And because the reservation was made so close to the travel date, it should have been assumed that there could be no cancellation and that once the deal was made "it was etched in stone." Basically, no going back.

    Dawana said that the paperwork emailed to me explained that. But how was I to know, if this was something that was sent to me after the fact; customers should be informed of this before the reservation is made. I never sent them the 'Vacation Order Verification' form or the 'Credit Card Authorization' form received in their email, which required my signature and are needed to complete the transaction for me to be able to get a confirmation with all the trip details (without those signed papers the trip information is not given). I was told that these papers are just a technicality but, if that is the case, why are they required for customers to be able to get their vacation confirmation. Basically, we are obligated to sign this stuff to be able to take our trip, which sounds like a binding contract once they receive the signed documents. Since I never sent any papers to them to seal the deal, why should I be held liable? I asked Dawanda why they don't explain these things to their customers beforehand and she said, "They shouldn't have to." After a long period of being put on hold, Dawanda eventually came back and said that the trip would be cancelled but that I would still be held liable for charges, but she was not sure how much I would have to pay; that she would have to get that information from the cancellation department. She called me back at 5:36pm stating that the amount I would be charged is $25 from her company and $97.50 from the booking agent. Who is the booking agent??? We are made to believe that Attractions Wholesale Travel does the deal directly with the hotel.

    The reason I don't dispute the $25 charged by this company (Attractions Wholesale Travel) is that on the paperwork they emailed me, it stated that there would be a "$25 cancellation fee regardless of reason" which I have no issue paying. It's the $97.50 that I should not have to pay because of the misconception about their cancellation policy. If they don't feel that they should explain the policy, at least they should make it easily and readily available on their website.

  • Ma
      15th of May, 2007
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    These people are scary! Stay away!! They actually told me that I must need medication since I didn't remember booking with them!!!

    I am a timeshare owner and a travel agent, and these people do not have what it takes to run a business. I called for a quote and they advised me that they needed my credit card number to "hold" a room at no obligation, as long as I called to cancel in due time. They emailed me the lengthy paperwork, of which after getting I decided I did not want to book with them. (The paperwork states that you pay in full and you may or may not get the property you requested). After calling to follow up and advise I did not want the reservation, I was shocked because the lady who I spoke to was so rude and defensive. She kept telling me I was BOOKED. I was very confused because I knew I didn't book anything with them, only hold something. I did not authorize for them to charge my card, only to hold a room, of which is standard in the travel business. The owner/supervisor/president woman was so rude when I said I wasn't supposed to be confirmed or booked. She basically told me "to bad, your booked" I told her she was being "###" and unprofessional. That is when it all hit the fan, I was advised word for word: "we don't want to deal with you, we will charge your card in full $700.00, have a nice trip!" She then hung up. I tried calling back to apologize for my language but that I didn't appreciate the way I was being treated. They wouldn't let me talk, they wouldn't let me ask questions, they just kept telling me "you agreed mrs. brenner, do you need medication? do you not remember agreeing?" I never signed the paperwork, I never agreed to anything. I am appalled by all of this. I was in the car with my children after school, I was just shaking by the way I was treated. My husband is in the military, gone, so of course I was more emotional about the whole thing. I kept trying to call to make sure my credit card wouldn't be charged the $700.00. I finally gave up after they kept insulting me and called my credit card company who is filing the charges as fraudulent and will not let any charges run through by them.

    The owner/president/agent- whatever she is the rudest most unprofessional human being.

  • Po
      22nd of Sep, 2010
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    Can any of you help me fight along with my CC company to retrieve my money. I was scammed to. Due to the language in the paperwork...that is how they get you. There is NO clear cancellation policy with Wholesale Travel Connection. They may not be the same company or perhaps they are but they need to be shut down and before that happen we NEED to get our money back. PLEASE help me do this contact me at I'll fight for this forever if I have to..just worried they will change the name and continue on. We need to band together to change things and do whats right!

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