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Attorneys on Demand work with local attorneys and this organization is very slow and unorganized. This company promised to send me the check and they informed me about it 4 months ago. Couple of times, they tried to scam me and said that the check was in the mail, but my mail was empty. I called them directly and spoke with the representative, who wasn’t even aware that they owed me the check.

Dec 25, 2015

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  • Fo
      Mar 07, 2016

    I fully agree with the complainant. Attorneys on Demand is very slow in paying its appearance counsel and treats its appearance counsel very poorly. I refuse to do any more appearances for AOD after months of not receiving payment for services rendered. AOD has the nerve to require appearance counsel to log results within four hours of an appearance; however, AOD won't pay its appearance counsel for up to 90 days after the appearance. Ridiculous!

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  • Fo
      Apr 01, 2017

    Absolutely, I did numerous hearings over the course of 3 months. I haven't been paid for a single one yet.

    It is worse than that, though. The pay is horrendously bad. You are expected to print large quantities of documents, travel to the appearance which often is a significant distance, and do the appearance all for typically $50.

    Some appearances can require the better part of a day. It is not just the huge time consumption, the out of pocket expense can be significant. I think many of these cases result in negative cash flow.

    In one instance, the "offer" was seven trials for $50 in other words $7 per trial. I am not kidding. The trials were all at one location and one time, but the pay is so bad that Kinkos would likely charge that much or more just to print out the materials. In other words, you are getting paid less than what a copy shop would get paid to print out the materials while not preparing, traveling, or doing legal work.

    It is true that the price can be "negotiated, " and you might negotiate more, but of course negotiation itself is work.

    By the way, with each case, you get a stream of emails that must be reviewed and managed and filed.

    Most of the cases are "easy" but this doesn't mean that time is not necessary for preparation.

    One judge told me these jokers called his office to check up on how professionally I handled the case, how I was dressed, etc. I don't recall that ever happening in any other case any time over the course of 30 years of practicing law. This by people who don't pay their bills.

    Actually, I suppose I will eventually get paid although the first hearing was roughly 90 days ago, but this is definitely not a way to get cash flow. This is likely to make your financial situation worse not better.

    I though I would do some simple hearings that would not involve too many resources for some modest reliable compensation. Every assumption i made was wrong. The hearings do involve significant resources. The pay is virtually nonexistent and very, very late.

    I would strongly advice not getting involved with this. I am not being completely silly when I characterize it as "lawyer abuse."

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