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Attorneys And Legal Services / Fraud and cheating

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The facts of my story sound so much like the others on this site. I got a message from a man with a foreign accent on 11/19/08 at 1:58PM. It said that me or my attorney had a 'time sensitive matter' on my hands. 'The very second i receive this call I or my attorney of record must call back to [protected]. If i don't call back then the only thing thing they can do is to wish me good luck.' This person had a very strong Indian or African accent.

I called back and I talked to a guy named Josh and he explained to me that I had a payday loan from 3/17/08 for $421 from First US Bank. I asked who we worked for and he he said it was a lawfirm by the name of Attorneys and Legal Services in Ladera Ranch, CA. They were going to sue me for $5, 484.87 for attorneys fees. He asked me for the last for #'s of my SS# and he had that info. He also had my work email address. He told me, among other things, that I would be charged with wire fraud, money laundering, theft by check, and other charges. They said that by Noon the next day my 'case' would be downloaded and that i could not stop the process. They said that someone from the 'Financial Crimes Division' would be coming to my home or office to conduct the 'investigation' They said the original creditor was First US bank (never heard of them!!). They said that First US did not want to resolve the matter as they wanted to press full and extensive charges against me as they wanted to make an example of me. I called them back several times and each person i talked to had Indian or African accents. I did a paid internet search on the # that they called me from [protected] and discovered it was a land line belonging to Pac-west Telecom Inc. registered to an individual named Kenneth Wolfson at 16552 Sell Circle #18, Huntington Beach, CA 92649.

I spoke to several individuals in their 'Restitution Department' and they all had ugly, nasty foreign accents. They all said that all of the fees would add up to $5, 400 +. They kept using vague but serious sounding terms like Attorney General Office, Financial Crimes Division, Offer of Court Restitution, and other garbage. I called them back many times to play along with their game to get more information and they told me that I was harassing them and that bad things were going to happend to me and that there was no way to resolve the matter but to wait until the 'legal authorities' to pick me up because the original lender wanted to punish me.

What a bunch of garbage from a bunch of losers. I cannot stand people like these no good thieves trying to scam the American public. I hope this word gets out to everybody so that these crooks are stopped.


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