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attorney barrister ngah / trying to scam money

1 Cameroon

i was to receive 2 baby capuchin monkeys from a lady in Hawaii. She got a company called Hawaii Pet Shippers to ship them. They turned out to be a complete fraud. After i had paid the money for the shipping they did nothing but lie to me. They told me the monkeys were on contentinal airlines and were in Alaska awaiting take off for their destination to me in the US. I contacted the airlines and they do not ship primates. The monkeys were never in Alaska they had never left the airport in Hawaii. So the lady that was sending them tried to get them back and they would not release them to her.She contacted an attorney who refered her to an attorney in Cameroon because that is where the headquarters of the shipping company is. The attorney told us he had taken the people to court and everything was ruled in our favor. i had sent him all of the e mails i had received from the shipping company proving all the lies they had told. He said the court had awarded us 10, 000.00 and the immediate release of the monkeys to me. Now he is telling us before anything can be released to us we have to send him 1100.00 for registering the court dockets so we can get our money and the monkeys. If we won the case like he said the courts would have ordered the shipping company to pay all of the charges necessary for us to get the money and the monkeys. I do not believe this man and i think he is just as big of a fraud as the shipping company for all i know he is one of them. Please try to help us to get this resolved as these little monkeys are still being held at the airport in Hawaii. I am really concerned about their health and well being. We sent the attorney 500.00 to take this case to court and we still have nothing to show for all the agony we've been through with the shippers and now him. Please get back to me as soon as you can Thank You Karen Drakulich

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