Attila Akat Attila Akat / death threats and police raids for drugs in the family. named in police reports

1 Honolulu, HI, United States Review updated:

I was threatened with death and serious injury, including being caused a hospital visit, put in a wheelchair, or killed before the police can help, by Attila Akat's brother in law, Attila supported the behaviour.

His brother in law was arrested with 14 kilos of cannabis and LSD, then the family, including Attila Akat, was reported to the Portugal GNR, for threatening trial witnesses, mockery of the trial witness, malicious and criminal defamation (under Portuguese Law) and making threats to kill.

Attila Akat clearly has fallen from professional grace, and is named and shamed for not upholding integrity as the man of his household, and allowing others within it to mock witnesses to a Criminal Trial.

He was told about the death threats, but nine months later, despite the fact his brother in law had made threats to kill and mocked people, claiming they were mentally ill losers and would be killed before the police could help, Attila still blessed the behaviour, and Never said sorry.

He was never ever sorry!

The one his family were involved in mocking foresaw fires burning down his house and retreat centre, he was told if he did not stop the abuse, karma might make fires.

They did not want to be frightened by prophecies then the fires came and destroyed his house, and still Attila Akat is not sorry.

His brother in law (who Attila supported) grew 14 kilos of cannabis and dealed in LSD, Attila Akat gave up his professional career and life in the US to get involved in a family grown Ayahuasca / drug trafficking operation, then he got involved in a scandal involving death threats and abuse of witnesses.

Attila Akat's name as well as his wifes name Alexandra Akat appears in 10+ police reports, and during 2017 was investigated by the police, for abuse of the trial witness, and for his role in the drugs found, a Criminal Trial is coming for some in his family.

Attila Akat refused to say sorry for his role in a scandal where he gave the silent nod of approval for his wife alexandra akat and his brother in law named johannes maasland to make malicious defamations and deat threats against a spiritual mentor.

The family was involved in harassment and death threats of a witness in a criminal trial, the police found 14 kilos of cannabis at the house of his brother in law, who attila akat partnered up with, even months later, even when his brother in law was maliciously defaming a spiritual mentor claiming he would be killed before the police could help.

Attila akat and his business the sanctuary 1860 b & b ayahuasca retreat centre was served with a notice of a lawsuit for malicious defamation and a damages bill of euro 100, 000.

The response of the family was to make malicious defamations, refused to apologize and attila akat's brother in law threatened to kill the spiritual mentor, saying he would be killed before the police could help

The mentor had the gift of prophecy and made 7 warnings that their retreat centre the sanctuary 1860 would burn down in a fire, but they did not believe, the mentor said abuse of him was very serious karma, every time it happened, he foresaw fires.

They did not believe the prophecies, even though a centre burned down in june, 64 people dead, the day after a mentor foresaw.

They were all warned about the fires, the family did not want to be frightened by prophecies and attila akat made no attempt to apologize and thus failed in his obligations to uphold integrity in his business dealings, and employers should consider this behaviour before deciding whether to employ.

But they were all involved in abusing a spiritual mentor, who kept foreseeing fires every time he was insulted, then the fires came and burned down the houses and retreat centres, they did not take insurance, even though they were warned 10+ times that fire was coming.

Their response was to gather as a family and support death threats, one said the mentor would be crippled, put in a wheelchair, sent to hospital, killed before the police can help, then the mentor had visions of fires destroying their homes, fatal car crashes, sicknesses, all manner of troubles.

In october 2017, as prophecied, the sanctuary 1860 burned down in a fire, massive losses, ayahuasca business destroyed, also in the same fire, the house of his brother-in-law busted by police for lsd and cannabis (14 kilos) burned down also.

Both fires were foreseen.

Alexandra akat and attila akat refused to apologize and believe paradise in hawaii can be had, whilst having the intention to set up a 'healing centre', but as a footnote ayahuasca is illegal in hawaii (if that is what they intend).

Attila akat dishonoured a euro 25, 000 damages bill for malicious defamation by his business partners, including saying that the mentor should be afraid, was a loser, was evil, mentally ill, and the like.

The mentor was visited by business associate johannes maasland three days before a tea works of death and told he was evil, would be caused a hospital visit, or put in a wheelchair, because he had the power to hurt or kill people.

The police found three big sacks of cannabis in johannes house, 14 kilos worth, and lsd, and cannabis oil.

Johannes is the son-in-law, faces prison.

He also labelled the mentor mentally ill and a loser, but then karma took his house away, the fire came, everything gone, not insured, facing up to 12 years prison.

The family are ruined, the karma of disrespect to spiritual mentors, invoking disaster, fire, financial losses, police raids, prison sentences, court cases, lawsuits, sicknesses, everything..

Johannes was involved in numerous death threats against a mentor, who also foresaw the houses of both astrid wirthl's daughters being destroyed in a fire. the mentor warned both daughters about the dangers of ayahuasca abuse, and he sought an apology, but several family members mocked the spiritual mentor, claiming he was a [censor] and would flouder in hell for all eternity.

Daniela markert and johannes maasland face prison and none ever apologized for offending a spiritual mentor, threatening to put him in hospital, and claiming he should feel fear.

The family members set up ayahuasca retreat centres in portugal, but their enterprises collapsed, after a series of metaphysical disasters, fires, police raids and other disturbances brought their works to an end.

These foreseen deaths and disasters can be explained as the karmic and metaphysical consequence of a 'tea works of death' that happened in january 2017, one individual named johannes maasland threatened to kill a spiritual mentor, and put him in a wheelchair, whilst drunk, on ayahuasca / santo daime dieta, and then the family rallied round to support him, just
Days later.

They did what can only be described as a 'tea works of death', because this karma of threatening to kill a spiritual mentor was concentrated and consecrated in a tea work, and many many black stones were made, and then shared around with the family members and friends, some of whom claimed that such a behaviour was good work for humanity, was advancing light-work in portugal, and these individuals claimed they were ayahuasca experts and knew what they were doing, desiring to be number 1 in portugal, for ayahuasca.

All of those who attended these tea works of death, have now experienced catastrophic life-ruin, as foreseen, and the karma of wishing the death of a spiritual mentor, are magnified in such tea works and the black stones of karma are then inherited by attendees, and explains why many of them, are now ruined, because those who affirm death, clearly invoke karma.

Alexandra akat went back to hawaii after refusing to apologize for her role in helping out to abuse the mentor, claiming he was mentally ill.

The mentor had many visions of the houses burning down, and in october 2017, both houses were destroyed in a fire, losses of euro 250, 000 were made, the family have made no attempt to apologize for the abuse.

Karma made a house call and burnt down attila akats house as prophecized. he did not insure the house, his people insulted a mentor in response to a euro 100, 000 lawsuit, and then did more malicious defamation including death threats, and then, his house burnt down and he lost a six figure sum.

Friends of the Akat's claimed the Mentor would flounder in hell for eternity

Attila and Alexandra Akat are NAMED IN POLICE REPORTS and are under investigation for mockery of the Trial Witnesses and their involvement in the 14 kilos of cannabis found at the house of his brother in law.

Attila believes paradise can be had in Hawaii, but he has posted many things online about Ayahuasca which is Schedule 1 in Hawaii.

They may be denied entry to the United States.

Attila Akat's professional integrity is poor, his brother in law faces a 12 year prison sentence. Attila's response to he death threats was to do nothing, but then the fires came and burned down his uninsured house.

It would be fair comment to say a brother in law growing 14 kilos of cannabis and who threatens to kill people whilst drunk and on police bail, is a bad business partner.

Mar 04, 2018
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  • Ol
      Mar 26, 2018

    The Guru threatened with being put in a wheelchair on January 23rd 2017 by Alexandra Akat's brother in law foresaw 11 Ayahuasca retreat centres burning down, he told them all to stop abusing the Ayahuasca, but the family involved abused, mocked guru and said he would be killed before the police could help.

    They did not believe the prophecies and just instead labelled guru mentally ill, sick, twisted, evil and the like, and carried on drinking Ayahuasca tea, claiming they were gateways to awareness.

    The fires came, perhaps as divine retribution for mockery and plotting to kill the guru (whilst some face prison on drug trafficking charges). several lost their homes and retreat centres, in the same fire, a prophecized fire that no-one believed would come.

    The Akats were warned in writing on several occasions about the dangers of fire and chose not to insure their houses.

    Friends of theirs claimed the Guru was mentally deranged and making up prophecies of fire to make fear.

    They knew about the danger of fire as they donated to another centre that burned down in June 2017 just days after the Guru foresaw fire and death. 64 people died in that fire.

    In response to a Guru being mocked and threatened by a documented business partner of Alexandra Akat, named Johannes Maasland, arrested wit 14 kilos of cannabis and LSD, and demanding an apology, the response from the family was to say that he would be killed before the police could help.

    The Guru foresaw fires destroying The Sanctuary 1860 and Earth Connection Portugal in visions and warned them in August and September 2017, CCing the police also in the email prophecies.

    The family were not interested in apologizing for mockery and the police got involved to investigate what may have been a family run trafficking operation. The brother in law named Johannes Maasland faces a 12 year prison sentence for trafficking in substances.

    Some people in the family claimed a Guru who warned them not to abuse Ayahuasca and who foresaw the fires could be caused a hospital visit or had the power to arrange a murder.

    Alexandra Akat supported the behaviour, there is evidence in the police files about the matter.

    In September 2017 the Guru experienced many prophetic visions of fire, foreseeing the end of The Sanctuary. He offered them a different way and told them to stop but they were not interested. There was further mockery, but just weeks after the family claimed the Guru would be killed before the police could help and weeks after the Guru foresaw fire and death, the wildfires came and destroyed The Sanctuary, Earth Connection Portugal and damaged Caminho da Luz in the Estrela in October 2017.

    41 people were killed in the vicinity of The Sanctuary, weeks after the Guru foresaw the fires.

    The record shows they were warned but did not stop abusing the Ayahuasca and just claimed the Guru would be killed, perhaps invoking the karma that put a stop to their activities.

    They did not apologize either and a police investigation is ongoing into the activities of Alexandra Akat, Attila Akat, Johannes Maasland, Daniela Markert, some of whom claimed to be able to arrange a murder or send someone to hospital.

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  • At
      May 24, 2018

    Over the past two years this individual has repeatedly harassed me on the Internet by spreading blatant lies and smearing my reputation. Up until now, I have not spoken up against his false accusations because I have hoped that his unexplainable rage would subside after he realized that he was not receiving his desired reaction.
    However, it has now come to a point where I can no longer remain silent and I need to set the record straight.

    The only connection I have with this individual is that he propositioned my sister-in-law and she did not respond to his advances. Ever since my sister-in-law rejected him, he has been on a personal crusade to not only damage her reputation but also my wife and my reputations, by spreading false accusations and by consistently subjecting us to his attacks.

    The facts are that:
    1. I have only met him one time
    2. I never made any threats against him
    3. I have not been listed in any kind of police report
    4. I have not been involved in any criminal trial
    5. I have not been named in any lawsuit
    6. He attempted to blackmail my family by asking for 100, 000 euro in return for removing his online defamations against us.
    7. He has knowingly falsified posts on this board by impersonating the sender

    In addition to his cyber bullying of my family and me, this individual has a history of attacking others online. Below are links to over 10 different cases of cyber bullying (with similar false claims) that he has initiated against others.

    Attila Akat
    http://m./link removed/
    http://m./link removed/
    /link removed/
    /link removed/

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  • At
      May 29, 2018

    @Attila Akat This is the kind of blackmail letters my wife and I receive almost daily.


    Dear Alexandra,

    I received a message via my website claiming a threat to the UK police citing unfounded statements. Posting reviews is not a criminal matter and as you are well aware, you were involved in mockery of a witness to Tribunal proceedings. Trying to scare me off is a very serious matter. I was made aware of Tribunal and was called to speak in the Tribunal.

    The bottom line is that Daniela and Johannes are beyond help, they will go to prison, 100%. They made stupid mistakes and have to live with it.

    Your mistake, a very serious one, was to support the behaviour, of mockery of me, my work, police witnesses, and supporting those who make threats to kill.

    I would recommend you take a deep breath and step back, think about your future, remove yourself from Daniela and Johannes karma, you do not have to go down with them. You can start again, you have children, you can go to Hawaii and take a different path. You understand Hoponopono, which means making amends, making right, asking for forgiveness, in this case, from me.

    You may not resonate with my work, but the karma of abusing it or being involved with those who do, is serious, as is well apparent.

    Now you are facing Tribunal for your role. I will not remove anything under threat of police action, but if you are remorseful for your role, I can try. I will have to explain to Google you lost everything, made mistakes, were sorry, and make an appeal to them to remove them from the results. This is possible, if you are sorry, you can get Source Forgiveness, leniency in Court and be spared further karma, which you cannot afford to have, because you have children that need a mother and father well grounded in this life. Sometimes, one makes mistakes, but what counts, is how you learn from it, then you can be spared the karma of endless loss, the karma of offending me, my work and helping those to make threats to murder.

    Given the Tribunal is coming, now, it is better you take my forgiveness offer, and within 24 hours.

    1. Make a token gesture of damages, the sum of Euro 5000, to this account, to arrive by 12 NOON tomorrow 29th May 2018, to this account:-

    IBAN PT50 0010 0000 5160 3220 0017 5

    Once you have made the payment, send me by email, a screenshot of the proof, by MIDNIGHT tonight.

    It will excuse you and Attila from any legal claims as a result of this matter, it will also cut the cord from Daniela and Johannes karma, which is clearly pulling you down, the karma of losing it all.,

    2. I will write tomorrow pm a formal favourable letter bearing my signature, saying you have apologized for the mockery for which there is much proof, asking the Tribunal to give leniency and forgiveness, so you can have a fresh start. Then you take it to Tribunal and explain that you apologized and I accepted the apology. I will write that you settled your part of the damages bill to my moral satisfaction which under Portuguese law, counts as mitigation and a reason for Tribunal forgiveness, Tell them you made mistakes in discernment, ask for forgiveness for your family.

    3. I will write a formal letter and sign it, and contact Google, explaining you lost everything in a fire, made mistakes, have apologized, because you have kids, they will understand. I will also attempt to remove the postings I made. I do not take payment for removing anything, but I do collect on damages as a result of mockery.

    4. Go and make a fresh start in whatever you choose to do, and learn from this matter.

    If I do not hear from you within the 24 hours and receive a confirmation of your agreemenr with the above, I will take your message to be an attempt to frighten off a witness in Criminal Proceedings and contact the police myself, clearly, this will not be in your interests in the Tribunal, but being remorseful, will be.

    Kind Regards

    Free Spirit

    For your information, you can go to any Multibanco ATM, select IBAN option, and make the payment. Collect a receipt from the ATM.

    Either you or Attila can then scan me the document, or make a screenshot of the online transfer.

    Payment will be required by 12 NOON tomorrow, if you want the forgiveness, which is on my terms.

    I sense you will find the proposal agreeable to resolve the matter.

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  • Re
      Jun 12, 2018

    Attila and Alexandra Akat are not telling the truth. The truth is he was named in many police reports after his brother in law threatened to kill a police witness. Attila Akat once worked in corporate America in marketing.

    He appears to have become disillusioned with that work, making these comments on May 4th 2017 on his website associated with Sanctuary 1860, an Ayahuasca retreat centre offering Ayahuasca retreats until it burned down last year :-

    In my many years in the corporate world changing jobs and positions from one company to the next, I experienced this exact feeling of "circus without a purpose" each day, every year.

    It is not about the title, the size of office, the company car and any other materialistic things they give you to be a slave of the system. If there is NO PURPOSE or even living a lie by focusing on profit and sales growth each year, by squeezing partners and at the end telling consumers wrong things, then the daily circus is complete.

    Don't be a part of this circus any more. Create your own circus with a CLEAR PURPOSE.

    Live from the heart NOT from the mind.

    He also abandoned a six figure salary and a life in the USA, presumably on a Green Card and left it sometime in 2016 to live with his brother in law and sister in law. He left the USA with the Akats to start a family run Ayahuasca business which involved his brother in law producing large amounts of cannabis. On November 10th 2016 he, Johannes Maasland, the brother in law, was arrested with the substance. 14 kilos were found and LSD also, as well as the equipment to make cannabis oil.

    Attila's brother in law then proceeded to claim that the Complainant, as well as a Plantiff in a lawsuit being prepared against the Akats by Court Prosecutors, was a police informant and turned up at the doorstep of his house on January 23rd 2017 and threatened to murder him. Johannes then began to post defamation on the internet, whist on police bail, claiming he was mentally ill, should be afraid and would be killed before the police could do anything. Alexandra Akat was also found to have incited malicious defamation, spreading statements around that the Plaintiff was a liar.

    The brother in law involved in the defamation mocked the Plaintiff and asked for more blogs to be posted, which counts as consent to the publications and a defence to a claim for damages from the Akats. Other defences to the publications include statements made in self defence, truth and qualified privilege, as well as honest opinion and fair comments.

    The Plaintiff was called to the police station to give a statement, upon which the police queried the role of the Akats in the trafficking in substances. The police then added the Akats to the police file, and later, commenced Court Proceedings against the Akats for harassment of trial witnesses.

    The Akats were never blackmailed for Euro 100000, but he was served by registered mail a claim for legal damages in which it was clearly explained the comments or reviews could never be removed. Attila has twisted the truth around in an attempt to portray the Plantiff as the cause of his professional downfall, and mistakes in judgment. It is because he partnered up with a family member taking stupid risks, cannabis farming on land, he knew about it, but left his life in the US anyway to get involved with the operation. It is for the Court to determine the Akats involvement, but they were named in 20+ police reports and are due to appear in Court charged with harassment of witnesses.

    The claim for damages suggested the Akat's sign an undertaking to cease further harassment of the witness.

    In any case, in August 2017, the Akat's ignored the damages bill, the response was to presumably incite the brother in law facing trial for trafficking charges to post that the Plaintiff would be killed before the police could help because that is what happened.

    The Akat's denied involvement with the brother in law but their social media profiles and other evidence show otherwise, only parting ways in October 2017, after allowing him, their business associate, to post abuse and mockery of the complainant on the internet, with Alexandra Akat joining in.

    Three weeks ago Alexandra Akat posted comments on some other sites claiming blogs would be made citing the Plaintiff as of a sick mind if he did not remove the postings, which they cannot be, and threatened to denounce him to the UK Police. That did not work, so a few days ago, the Akats sent messages implying that the Plaintiff would be removed from his house and 'finished off'. They tried to pretend some of the comments came from the brother in law by pretending to be a 'big friend' but he is already in police custody pending trial, so he could not have made the statements.

    It is averred Attila Akat wants to return to the corporate life in the USA and procure employment. The Akats announced an intention to set up an Ayahuasca centre in the USA, but Ayahuasca is Schedule 1 prohibited. They have also been out of the USA two years which counts as abandoning a green card. It is averred the Akats, facing trial for harassment of Court Witnesses to substance trafficking by members of his family, who he partnered up with to run Ayahuasca retreats, want to return to the USA and find new work.

    Perhaps in desperation they thought mocking the Plaintiff and labelling him of an evil mind would make him remove the postings but it did not work. That was in response to an offer to make peace and settle the damages informally, which constitutes restitution under Portuguese law. The response of the Akats was to post further abuse, labelling the Plaintiff sick.

    The police and prosecution were informed. It is the truth Attila Akat and Alexandra Akat face Tribunal and are named in police reports.

    US Immigration should ask to see police reports from Portugal in any visa application.

    It is fair comment that had they condemned the death threats and resolved the problems last year, they may have been able to move forward. But threatening a Court Witness with being 'finished off' and labelled of a 'sick mind' days before a Court case does not bode well.

    They took no steps to apologize for their roles and instead twist the truth around to portray the Court Witness as the evil doer, but it was the Akats that got involved in a shady Ayahuasca and cannabis trafficking operation. They were involved in inciting death threats against witnesses, the response when told, was to also join in the mockery, a matter that has brought them into police trouble.

    To what extent the Akats were involved, is for the Court to decide, but it is a settled point that the Akats were a party to mockery of police witnesses, which does not bode well for going back to corporate America.

    The prosecutors are in the process of preparing a claim for damages against the Akats, in Portugal, that is done as part of a criminal trial.

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  • Re
      Jun 12, 2018

    Below is the script of the settlement agreement and legal claim that was sent to Attila Akat in July 2017, it was sent by registered mail and confirmed as received with a signature.

    Addresses, banking details and the Plaintiffs name has been redacted.

    Most importantly, it mentions that the complaints can never be removed, and so Attila Akats claim of blackmail is false, the Plaintiff was never found guilty of the crime of blackmail in any other matter, but it is of honest opinion the Akats tried to coerce the Plantiff to remove complaints under threat of harm, and further defamation, invoking the police intervention in June 2018.

    The document says:-

    Settlement Agreement

    This Proposed Settlement Agreement (the “Agreement”) states proposed terms and conditions that would settle the dispute between REDACTED (the “Plaintiff”), and Earth Connection Portugal, Sanctuary 1860 Retreat - and their associates, directors, partners, spouses or employees (the “Defendants”).
    This settlement agreement, if agreeable to the Defendants and signed by a representative of them, and if settlement payment is made promptly by the specified date, settles all potential legal claims in relation to this incident of death threats:-

    On January 23rd 2017 between 8.15 - 8.45pm, (redacted) were visited by Johannes Maasland, retreat leader of Earth Connection Portugal and business partner of the Sanctuary 1860 Retreat.

    He made threats to kill if he found out that (redacted) told the police about his cannabis, which he did not. He was drunk and in an unpleasant, dark and abusive state. He claimed he had the power to put him in a wheelchair, be caused to go to hospital, or to be killed.

    The threats were uttered in front of a witness, and there was no doubt as to the intent of the threats, namely to cause fear that wrongly directed violent attack or reprisal may be possible.

    On the night of the incident, Johannes Maasland was associated with the Sanctuary 1860 Retreat Centre and clearly working for them as an Ayahuasca facilitator.

    The parties to be released from all liability clearly all had business interests with the individual Johannes Maasland and must share the detriment caused by such offences against a (redacted), including settlement for harm, damages, loss of income, time, expenses and for general distress caused to his (redacted) - a witness to the incident.

    It also settles claims for criminal harassment, defamation and malicious falsehood posted in various internet locations, by Johannes Maasland (presumably incited by the other defendants), whilst ‘home alone’, in which it was claimed that (redacted) was mentally ill, dark and twisted, a criminal, as well as abusive to his partner and pets.
    This abusive posting will cost Euro 25, 000 to remove from the internet.

    He also implied that (redacted) was involved in domestic violence (a false claim) and then went on to claim that (redacted) should be afraid, should be ‘crapping himself’ and may be ‘set upon by dogs’, behaviour done whilst on police bail.
    He also implied (redacted) was a criminal, for which there is no evidence whatsoever.
    Another posting cites (redacted) as mentally ill and ranks highly in search results.

    It is so noted, as of 29th June 2017, none of the named defendant parties as of yet have formally apologized.

    WHEREAS, the Plaintiff and the Defendants agree to informally settle the matter to avoid formal litigation for damages as a result of the above conduct - namely that of making death threats as well as damages for malicious falsehood, defamation and criminal harassment done by the Defendant named Johannes Maasland with the blessing and support (to varying degrees) of the other defendants.

    NOW, THEREFORE, In consideration of the mutual covenants and promises made by the parties hereto, the Plaintiff and the Defendants (individually, each a “Party” and collectively, the (“Parties”) covenant and agree as follows:


    Upon the signing of this agreement by a representative of the named defendants and upon receipt of cleared payment of the proposed settlement amount by the date suggested, the Plaintiff agrees to release all of the named defendants and their associates from any civil claims in any jurisdiction, in regard to the threats, harassments and defamations made, either now, or in the future, and agrees the dispute is settled, on terms agreeable to him.
    All parties agree that this settlement agreement and its terms is private and confidential, and its details will be kept private, mainly to preserve the dignity of the defendants.

    The parties agree that this represents an appropriate, expedient, fair, constructive and reasonable proposal to settle the damages for the death threats, defamations, harassments and for losses of money/client income dealing with these matters.

    The Plaintiff agrees that the defendants agreement with this agreement combined with the receipt of the settlement payment constitutes a formal apology to him and (redacted) for being threatened with serious violence or death, and for the serious malicious defamations.

    The Plaintiff also agrees that the proposed private* and formal apologies settles any contentions about the ethics and integrity of the defendants and thus in essence grants them a forgiveness, a fresh slate and a blessing from (redacted) with regard to being ethically suited to engage in spiritual enterprises.

    The defendants agree to provide written apologies to (redacted) in order to assist in removing malicious defamation posted on the internet by Johannes Maasland, designed to harass and intimidate witnesses to a criminal trial.

    *Exception : The defendants agree that where (redacted) has been defamed maliciously, the letter will be posted showing the apology.


    The Plaintiff agrees that this informal settlement agreement, when agreed upon, signed and the settlement payment is made promptly in good faith - irrevocably releases and forever discharges the Defendants and all associates from any future claims arising from the Incidents complained of.


    In consideration for this settlement and release, the Defendants agree to pay promptly to the Plaintiff the sum of Euro 100, 000 by bank transfer to this (redacted)

    As full payment for prompt settlement of the dispute and claims, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and as a donation to the work of (redacted), to compensate for the trouble caused in this matter.

    The payment reference must contain the word ‘Donation’.

    The Defendants also agree to sign a notarized letter confirming the donation to the work of (redacted), which will also unreservedly and sincerely apologize for the behaviours complained of.

    The defendants agree that the settlement payment does not include any kind of coaching, counselling or mentoring services of any kind under any circumstances whatsoever (including prison visits) and agree the payment not a payment to not testify in/co-operate with – the processes of a Criminal Court about the matter.

    It solely settles the civil claims, losses of time, energy and income, as a result of the behaviour of the defendants, including giving a lesson in why planting cords into the energy field of (redacted) in the astral, with dubious intentions, whilst under the influence of Ayahuasca and cannabis, is not wise.

    The signing of the agreement by the Defendants representative also confirms the payment will be made on time, in full and without delay.
    How the payment is to be shared is a matter for the defendants to resolve.


    The Parties agree and acknowledge that time is of the essence with regard to the Settlement Payment and that if the Defendants ignore the proposed offer or do not act upon it, the Plaintiff is not bound to the agreement and the Plaintiff may commence formal civil litigation and may increase the damages bill further in the event of further abuses and instruct a solicitor to recover the damages, and the costs involved.
    For clarity this means that the agreement only becomes active and the dispute fully settled when signed by the defendants AND when the settlement payment has been made, after which the Plaintiff will sign the agreement.


    The defendants should choose one representative to sign this agreement on behalf of all of them. That representative agrees to enter into the agreement on behalf of all defendants.

    The signed agreement should be sent by email to (redacted)


    The Defendants agree amongst themselves to not commit, encourage or incite any threats of violence, harassing comments or defamations, and any act such attributable to the defendants will immediately render the agreement null and void.

    The Defendants agree informally and within themselves to tidy up their own ethics and integrity and agree to take proper ethical, moral and spiritual responsibility in the conducting of their Ayahuasca operations in future.

    As per the terms and conditions of (redacted) past website, and in his Life Story (read by several of the defendants), and because this was foreseeable - the defendants agree that they are collectively and completely responsible for their own detriment (and financial loss) - aka karma - in this matter, caused by threatening (redacted) with violence or associating with/condoning/supporting those who do (whilst involved in, or supporting those involved in, illegal activities including drug trafficking under Portuguese law) and in that vein, no claims for damages against the Plaintiff will be entertained.

    The Defendants agree that none of the websites created in the public interest and for reasons of public safety - to warn others of harm and danger (and to teach the defendants lessons in respect and self-responsibility) – can ever be removed, but should the matter be settled, the Plaintiff will simply make updates stating the matters have been resolved privately to his satisfaction and will make no further comment.
    Nevertheless, the defendants entering into this agreement shows a collective remorse and regret for the behaviour of Johannes Maasland and thus warrants a complete forgiveness from (redacted) in this matter.


    Signed and dated by both parties.
    ______________________________ _________________ ______________
    (Signed by (redacted)) (Print name) (Date)
    ______________________________ _________________ ______________
    (Signed on behalf of the defendants) (Print name) (Date)

    The allegation of blackmail is clearly proven untrue, by the wording of the agreement above, mailed to the Akats, making no reference to removing anything in exchange for money.

    The response to an olive branch agreement was to send virile messages via my website which were forwarded to the police and prosecution, and to imply that the Plaintiff would be removed from his house and finished off, which may mean, disposed of.

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  • Re
      Jun 12, 2018

    Page 7 of Settlement Agreement attached, the part mentioning non-removal of websites circled.

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  • Et
      Jun 30, 2018

    The Eternal Heart Centre wishes to issue these public apologies to the complainant Free Spirit.

    The Eternal Heart Centre unreservedly apologizes and condemns the disturbing nature of the complaints including abuse, mockery and threats to kill. On no level do we condone or support such behaviour and we can confirm the behaviours are not ones we sanction.

    Dear Free Spirit,

    On behalf of the Santo Daime Church, I unreservedly and sincerely apologize for the distress caused to you and your partner because of the death threats made by someone in our movement connected with an ongoing police investigation, who was arrested with a large amount of cannabis and other illegal substances.

    We must now accept some moral responsibility for the matter, because Johannes Maasland was a member of our Church, who participated in our retreats often, and through us, was introduced to the Path of the Santo Daime.

    His behaviours are not ones we bless, condone or support.

    He has shown himself to be reckless, morally irresponsible and respect-less for the law of the land and he is clearly unsuited to the work.

    We have examined the death threats made which implies you could be killed before the police can do anything about it.
    Because these threats were made by one within our wider community we are deeply hurt and shocked by what has happened.

    We confirm our movement condemns such despicable behaviour, and we encourage people in our wider communities to respect the laws of the land and to respect life.

    Johannes behaviour brings shame and dishonour to us all, and reflects badly on us as a whole and we do not condone the illegal cultivation of cannabis.

    This matter has shown is the importance of ethical awareness and moral integrity in what we do, as you have pointed out, and we acknowledge over the years that there has been weaknesses in those areas, and now, strive to learn from this experience.

    We also acknowledge there are other lessons that this matter has presented to us, and we now know that we must take them seriously in all the work that we do, so that this never happens again.

    We have decided to make a priority, the development of ethical and moral awareness, in all who attend our gatherings, so that we can promote good and respectable behaviour, respect for law and respect for other people.

    We accept that these ethical, moral and spiritual lessons have been presented to us, at great cost, danger and risk to yourself and your partner – and that your role in our movement, has clearly been to reflect back big lessons at the risk of serious injury, or even death, a matter that is deeply troubling for us.

    I also unreservedly and sincerely apologize for the distress caused to you and your partner because of the other abuses posted online by him and ‘friends’ of The Sanctuary 1860. Some of those postings labelled you mentally ill as well as suggesting you should feel fear in your trousers, or be killed before the police can help.

    His postings were insulting, degrading, disgusting and not representative of how we expect any of our followers to behave in their daily lives.
    We must now accept some moral responsibility for the matter, because Johannes Maasland was a member of our Church, who participated in our retreats often, and through us, was introduced to the Path of the Santo Daime, and who indirectly, with the help of Daniela Markert (aka Daniela Mar), founded The Sanctuary 1860.

    The Sanctuary 1860 was founded by members of our Santo Daime Church, who have clearly lost their moral way in their quest to be number one in Portugal for Ayahuasca.

    This whole sorry tale has been a wake-up call for us in the importance of ethical practice as you say, and in the light of this we will endeavour to do all we can to bring more clarity and grounding to every aspect of our practice, both in and out of the workshops.

    We condemn all the abuses that you have witnessed at the hands of Johannes Maasland and The Sanctuary 1860 and encourage all those in our movement to take responsibility for their mistakes.

    We do not condone the illegal cultivation of cannabis in our movement.

    We are appalled by some of the behaviours that have occurred, and are deeply ashamed about what has happened and it reflects badly on all of us.

    We expect all who attend our gatherings to respect the laws of the land and to behave themselves responsibly in their lives and will remind our followers, in future events, to do so.

    In addition to the other apologies presented, I also want to wholeheartedly and unreservedly apologize for the insults you received from someone in the Cascais Santo Daime Church group.

    The individual who did not name themselves, but implied they were from the Cascais Church - labelled you a homosexual peodophile (which implies that you like gay sex with underage boys) and this insult was clearly done to offend

    Obviously, for someone in our movement to make such an offensive insult, without any justification other than from a place of pure hatred, is totally appalling, and I, as a Senior of the Santo Daime Church, am totally ashamed of this.

    In addition to the other apologies presented, I also want to wholeheartedly and unreservedly apologize for not taking the matters presented seriously before. Because of this we must accept we are responsible for our own detriment. When brothers and sisters of my Church mocked and insulted you, claiming you were a (censor), would be killed, was an arsonist, mentally deranged and a homosexual peodophile, I did not want to take ethical responsibility and condemn my associates and friends responsible.

    This was because I chose loyalty to those who lost their ethical way, rather than to the ethical authority of the (censor), expert in matters of metaphysics and astral matters.

    I now know I must take responsibility, to rescue my own integrity, brought into very serious question indeed. I jet-setted around the world instead of taking responsibility as a leader for my mistakes. I did not respect you or your wisdom and now we are all suffering for that mistake, because of our ethical shortcomings and our collective failings in being able to take responsibility for our mistakes, our hubris, our hatred and our unresolved issues.

    I did not want to be sorry before because of my ego, this was a mistake I must now correct.

    I now know there is more to being a Daime leader than being the ‘king of the castle’ from a space of ego-inflated self-importance, this was my downfall and I must learn from this. I provided large amounts of Santo Daime to those ill-suited to host works and then tried to evade responsibility and stood by whilst others in the group mocked and insulted you for fun.

    When someone in our group threatened to kill you before the police could help, I did not intervene then and condemn the behaviour outright that would have saved so much trouble for me and my aides.

    You warned me of fires and to stop the works, but I did not and the fires came.

    I was challenged because I was in my ego and thought I knew better, but I was wrong, and have been humbled by the lessons. We did not understand energy or how high level astral energies offended by those who made death threats can invoke serious trouble.

    We will no longer do workshops here, because of the seriousness of your prophecies that tend to come true, causing fire and death in the lives of our brothers and sisters, and in the local communities as well.

    Some of them mocked you, and they paid for the mistake with life-changing losses, as you foresaw. They stated they were Santo Daime people, so I must now condemn this abuse.

    I believed I could keep the donations you made in good faith, even though you were forced to move for your safety, threatened with murder by those who I gave the Daime to, even though they were ill-suited. I did not want to admit my mistake, but now I must to spare me and my family untold karmic troubles because of the karma of disrespecting (redacted) and their wellbeing.

    I was wrong to believe a (redacted) should make losses for our collective mistakes and for this I am so sorry and want to repent for this mistake. I assure you that we will learn from these matters and as a leader, I take full responsibility for all the abuse and mockery, it reflects bad on me and on the Daime family, I now know that I must foster better morals and standards in our groups.

    I also want to wholeheartedly and unreservedly apologize for the matter of a member of our associated group in Cascais.

    As well as mocking you as a peodophile, they also claimed to be tracking your emails and bank account. The fact that someone in our movement would pretend to be a private investigator and claim to be tracking your emails in such a blatently unprofessional and unregulated manner is troubling.

    It shows us that some in our movement are disrespectful, violate Data Protection laws and also claim to be able to track private bank accounts. This reflects badly on me because you wanted a refund for the events and I stood back and allowed my friends in the Daime to mock you like this and I did nothing because I wanted to keep your donations for myself.

    I did not act or intervene because I put my interests first, which was a mistake. I saw already the same organizer mocked you months before, but I used them anyway to host a music event, so I was stupid to do that and brought about my own troubles and a potential investigation by the Information Commissioners Office.

    I will comply fully with the Subject Access Request submitted and turn over all the relevant data that we hold about you as an organization.
    I confirm our movement does not condone illegal or unauthorized private investigations, or the abuse of personal data, or any other kind of mockery.

    I am totally ashamed of myself and everything that has happened in this matter.

    I ask your Source to forgive us and we will now make the damages payment for your trouble.

    Adrian Freedman
    The Eternal Heart Centre

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  • Em
      Aug 31, 2018

    The Eternal Heart Centre operated by Adrian Freedman, assisted by Nancy Swinnen and Noriko Moonbird Takahashi, was dissolved by the Companies House in the United Kingdom. It is effective as of September 4th 2018 as per documents downloadable from the website.

    It means the Eternal Heart Ayahuasca/Santo Daime ceremonies and all the other activities of the centre has stopped.

    They were told to stop in 2017 after the Santo Daime Catastrophe but they showed no interest.

    A series of fatal fires ripped through numerous Ayahuasca centres in Portugal during 2017 killing over 100 people.

    The fires were prophecized and people were warned in writing of disaster on numerous occasions, the one that issued the prophecies was threatened with murder and poked fun at, because those involved in such, thought he was a police informant.

    The actions invoked karma and the fires.

    The second series of fires happened on the very same day that Adrian Freedman defied the warnings of a Spiritual Guru to immediately cease the Ayahuasca works in Portugal, and made a show in Portugal anyway.

    He was sticking his finger up at the one who told him to stop, which constitutes hubris, and a serious offence to the Gods. He was told that God would intervene to stop the Ayahuasca works of his people, he did not stop, not showed any interest in stopping.

    Then the fires came in October 2017, 41 people lost their lives, and 5 centres involved in mockery of the Guru, and supporting threats to murder, and poking fun at him whilst conducting Ayahuasca ceremonies, were destroyed or badly damaged by the fires. The centres involved were The Sanctuary 1860, Earth Connection Portugal, and the facilitators who ran the centres were Daniela Markert, Johannes Maasland, Attila Akat and Alexandra Akat.

    In ancient Greek, Hubris referred to actions that shamed and humiliated the victim for the pleasure or gratification of the abuser.

    In this case people in the Santo Daime poked fun at a Spiritual Mentor claiming he would be murdered, killed, was a (censor), should fear for his life, was mentally deranged, sick, evil and the like. Even operators of spiritual retreat centres got involved, helping people to spout abuse at him, or giving the silent approval for people to poke fun at him, saying he was a (censor), a (censor), a (censor) and a (censor) and would flounder in hell for eternity, and murdered before the police could help.

    It was a very bad mistake that was compounded again and again until God intervened and sent the fires.

    They derived pleasure from abuse and mockery of the Spiritual Guru grounded in the astral power, the karmic reactions were devastating. It was a manifestation of nemesis that follows from hubris.

    In ancient Greek religion, Nemesis was the goddess who enacted retribution against those who succumb to hubris (arrogance before the gods).

    100 people were killed in the fires and many homes and retreat centres burnt to the ground, as prophecized. The families brought dishonour and disgrace to all within the Santo Daime, they invoked a karmic curse of prohibition for the Santo Daime.

    Their actions caused renewed prohibition for Santo Daime, it shows the relationship between hubris and persecution by the authorities. The latter is a moral check to stop what would otherwise be uncontrollable hubris with bad consequences for all of society.

    Hubris typically describes behavior that defies the norms of behavior or challenges the gods, and which in turn brings about the downfall, or nemesis, of the perpetrator of hubris. Hubris is usually perceived as a characteristic of an individual rather than a group, although the group the offender belongs to may suffer collateral consequences from the wrongful act.

    Some in the Eternal Heart group thought they could be successful for Ayahuasca in Portugal, without legal permission, whilst behaving arrogantly toward the Gods and claiming the one that foresaw the fires was a (censor) a (censor) and would be murdered, or put in a wheelchair.

    Many people in the Ayahuasca scene in Portugal derived pleasure from abuse and mockery of the Spiritual Guru grounded in the astral power, the karmic reactions were devastating. It was a manifestation of nemesis.

    Suffice to say, the fires that came again and again, were the Acts from God, finishing off the mockers and giving them the karmic lessons that come from criminal hubris.

    They did not believe in curses, but the evidence shows the prophecies of fires, the warnings of curses and the effects of the fires, as well as pre-dated prophecies of fire, here is proof, they were warned to stop.

    It was the karma of threatening to murder the Guru.

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  • In
      Sep 06, 2018

    In June 2018 a Criminal Tribunal (Criminal Court) injuncted the owners of Earth Connection Portugal and The Sanctuary 1860 prohibiting them from making threats of violence, posting malicious abuse and defamatory statements against the witness to the proceedings.

    He was threatened with violence and murder, and subjected to malicious defamation, as a way of blaming him for the police raid that found many kilos of cannabis at the house of Earth Connection Portugal.

    The police got involved and filed complaints with the Prosecution and the Tribunal for witness harassment conducted by members of the Santo Daime Church headed by Adrian Freedman.

    The Tribunal made an Injunction against those responsible with permanent effect on the four named people below, process number of the Criminal Tribunal is 1544.18.3T9 GMR Tribunal Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal.

    The people that the Criminal Injunction refers to are Johannes Maasland, Alexandra Akat, Attila Akat and also Daniela Markert, sometimes known as Dani Mar or Daniela Mar. All four are brothers and sisters of The Santo Daime Church.

    The injuncted parties were involved in running Ayahuasca retreats in Portugal and advertising them online, their work was started with the assistance of Adrian Freedman of The Santo Daime Church

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  • Su
      Jun 18, 2019

    This family including Attila Akat was warned of the suicide of his brother in law in 2017 citing drug abuse and alcohol problems as well as mental health issues. The one the Akats helped to threaten with violence and murder to be quiet to the police in a drug trafficking investigation that the Akats were involved in foresaw in writing a suicide and told everyone to have the individual named Johannes Maasland seek help for mental health problems.

    The family refused to get him the help and instead dosed him up with drugs. Attila posted up comments that the one threatened with murder was a liar, and that the police raids were lies, but the Courts disagreed. Various authorities posted up details of the drugs found.

    His brother in law used his full name to tell a witness to Court to expect violence, murder and to get change of pants ready. The Akats helped him to slip bail in 2018. The Akats thought the one threatened with murder was a police snitch but he got in wrong, the family lost everything for their mistakes and involvement in drug related criminality.

    Maasland, the suicider, before his death used several websites with his full name causing the sites to disclose to law enforcement the IP address leading the police to find Attila Akat's brother and sister in law hiding up in a retreat centre involved in ayahuasca.

    They were both taken to prison and then released pending further Court hearings, in one hearing the Judge handed down several injunctions banning harassment of a witness to Court.

    Whilst awaiting a hefty prison sentence for trafficking in vast quantities of banned substances, brother in law of Attila Akat went on a mad rage, posted nasty comments and then days later he killed himself in an act of self-murder, suicide.

    They were warned one year previously of a suicide caused by mental health issues, alcohol, weed and ayahuasca, he was told to step back from the ceremonies as a leader. All the family of the Akats were warned but they would not have him step back for healing. Instead they threatened to murder and besmirch the one that foresaw the suicide.

    The Akats were also warned in writing, and instead of dealing with the matter responsibly, turned nasty.

    They were taught a lesson when the suicide happened and when the uninsured Earth Connection Portugal and The Sanctuary 1860, the family businesses in banned drug retreats in Portugal, along with 16 other centres were burned down by fires, as foreseen.

    Then the Akats got involved in distributing banned Schedule 1 substances in the USA in 2018, hiding in CA under different names. They were found and the DEA were warned of their activities as well as filled in on the details of the witness harassment and his involvement in a drug related suicide, Attila Akat had to take down his website advertising banned substance retreats in Santa Cruz, CA

    After the Akats were warned of the suicide, they allowed him to drink ayahuasca without proper intake procedures, with cannabis, and sometimes under the influence of alcohol. Maasland also used LSD that may have contributed to the suicide.

    Brother in law of Attila Akat killed himself in a rage SUICIDE, as foretold, exacerbated by drugs, LSD use, a hallucinogenic banned substance called ayahuasca provided by the Akats, and mental health issues deliberately overlooked by the family.

    The Akats blamed a witness to the troubles and instead labelled him mentally sick and evil. in one case arranging a house visit to make several threats of violence and murder, but life taught them a lesson when a family member KILLED HIMSELF due to mental health problems, now one of their people is DEAD, cause drug related SUICIDE

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