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n finding your site on i thought i would voice my frustration with the so called company, who sell batteries for electronic devices.

I had purchased two batteries back around christmas for my laptop & cell phone. In recieving both of them i found that my laptop would not charge or even recognize the battery. "Oh well", i thought, time to deal with this company, Giving them the benfit of the doubt i found this to more than a troublesome experience.

First of all, i had met my match with a very rude rep. In going through a barrage of questions, described as troubleshooting, they concluded that i might have a bad battery. In not being able to properly analyze this issue they advised me to send it back & they would arrange a new battery to be sent to me. I agreed but was not happy paying shipping back to them. In doing so, i sent via UPS for tracking purposes. Good thing i did, i found out that they did not immediately send me a new battery but instead waited to recieve the bad one back & also held on to it for about 5 days before they sent back a new one to me.

In waiting for over 20 days, without a functional laptop, i decided to speak to a manager there. I was told that i was speaking to a "manager". I was frustrated & at the end of my chain. Upset, i tried calling again & spoke to someone else. I again asked to speak to a manager & was told the same thing "You are speaking to a manager". That was it!

I was dealing with a company full of managers that couldnt service a simple order properly. I decided to refuse the new battery, place a chargeback on my credit card, & email the company to receive a credit.

Order was placed December 08, 2005. Today is, February 8, 2006. I just received a credit to my card & forget why i even trusted a company that has fake ratings on its home page (ex. Yahoo shopping 5 stars, & CNET 5 stars). They obviously were stolen from somewhere as they do not click through to anyone.

Shop at your own risk with this company. Also, in my discovery, this company runs,,, & Expect the same service from all of them.


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