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AT&T Yellowpages / beware of this scam

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Do not advertise with at&t yellowpages! Beware of scam. When deciding whether or not to purchase internet advertising service on, I asked the sales representative how many calls per week I could expect to receive. The sales representative advised that I could expect to receive 1-2 calls per week and then proceeded to justify the $154/mo payment in terms of 1-2 calls per week received. After starting the service in october 2006, I received one, and only one, call through the online advertisement through february 2007.

Five months, one call. Don't waste your money.

Before signing, I asked why they would hold me to a one-year contract when it's easy enough to pull the online ad if it wasn't working. And if they were so sure it would work for clients, they should have no qualms about allowing people to get out of 1-yr contracts. I tried to get out of contract, even through bbb, but alas, i'm stuck. Save your money and put it to better use. There are better ways to advertise your business than through at&t yellowpages.

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  • Tr
      25th of Jul, 2017
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    Our company was up for renewal of it's yellow page advertising. We had decided that phone book advertising was not effective any longer in our field/ business. Our rep who had been our rep for a few years, (I knew him by name, knew his hobbies and knew his back ailments) came to sign us up and I told him we were not going forward with yellow page ads. There was no indecision, I was sure we were not going to use them. He (Bart) came up with an alternative that might keep us with a t and t/ yellow pages and give me another option to promote business, direct mail. He brought a woman sales rep who handled the direct mail marketing services and we spoke at length. For whatever reasons, we didn't go with the direct mail piece options. Here we are 5 years after with a t and t/ yellow pages suing us for an ad we did not want, did not request and did not sign off for as we had done all prior years. I don't even know what it looked like because, I didn't know it printed. I was so firm in not wanting it, that I can't imagine why our rep would not have said, " make sure you write a cancellation notice to the company. I think all he cared about was his commission. In this day and age who would run ads without getting them confirmed and signed off on for corrections? I know who would, a company that hid an unfair clause in it's 6 or 8 page contract which was signed the year before. They never got a new contract with a new signature and a sign off with revisions, because I told him I wasn't doing the ad and because I never signed a new contract. I really think this is a class action lawsuit. If this happened to us, it probably happened to a thousand other small businesses. Please help us, there is no way our company can absorb an expense like this and our rep and a t and t were deceptive and not forthright in it's dealings.

  • Br
      19th of Apr, 2011
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    Has anyone been to collections with this company? What happens if we just do not pay. We are in a "contract" for another year and are not allowed to get out of it.

  • Ma
      19th of Mar, 2011
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    Wow! Thats sick to see that people have had this many problems with Dex. We have had identical problems. Over promises from our rep resulted in no activity. We wasted thousands of dollars and we could tell in 2 months that Dex DOESNT know. They refused to void the contract and also cancel our contract. or even use the founds toward a different campaign. WHY ISNT THEIR A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THESE CROOKS!!

  • Mi
      7th of Mar, 2011
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    The thing is you do not have to sign a contract, and they can record your first call. I never signed anything, and they are wanting 5700.

  • Mi
      22nd of Feb, 2011
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    I wish I had read this before. Now I know for my personal experience that they can give you a hard time. Please read every single word on their contract, do not believe what you hear from their sales people. DO NOT SIGN A CONTRAT, unless you are completely sure you understand and agree and have tried their services before. I will never deal with this Company again and do not recommend it to anyone.

  • Ia
      16th of Feb, 2011
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    I had the same experience as most people here . I signed with YellowPages Pay Per Click Program, thinking that was reputable company and that I can focus in running my business. I was wrong! Not only do I feel that I was scammed, but also humiliated and insulted by a group of people that are hiding behind a large corporation. Among other misleading information, the sales person told me that I will get at least a 20% conversion rate for my clicks. Almost 4 months into the contract and 900+ clicks, I have received 2 request. I tried several times to work with the sales person, who will not get back to me in a timely manner, and when he did will tell me that he’s working on my account(now I know this was just an strategy to keep me busy for a while)I was very honest with him and I explained him that as a startup I was putting all my marketing budget into this program, he promised that his program will work and even if it didn’t YellowPages will stand behind their promise to deliver or work something out with me.
    After months of the same story, I tried escalating the issue to his supervisors, thinking that because is beyond insulting that his sales people employed blatant lies as a technique to close business, as a manager will turn around and do the right thing. I was wrong again!!. The manager told me that YellowPages cannot guaranteed conversion rates in the program that I bought and that I was probably confused (he probably thinks because I have an accent I cannot understand English), and even after I provided proofs that clearly shows the used deceptive methods of sale, they will totally ignored me and refused to released me from this contract and refund my money. Instead I received a collection letter from YellowPages, not even under my or company’s name, how it shows in the contract that I signed, but my husband’s name that has nothing to do with my company or signed a contract with YellowPages. I find disgusting that a large corporation is so willing to ignore its customers and to treat them like they do not exist. Please think twice before signing a contract with YellowPages. Let’s spread the word, don’t let more very hard working small business owners fall into this trap!

  • An
      4th of Jan, 2011
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    I received ONE call all year from a quarter column ad. Spent less than 10% on some internet advertising (with the same ad), and got a considerable amount of business from it. For this reason, told the reps I have no desire to renew for next year, and yet they keep calling my office DAILY despite the fact that I said NO and please REMOVE ME FROM THE LIST. They just keep telling me its my fault for not getting calls because I did not offer a coupon in my ad, which was the only ad in its category. Now I know why. Then, they threatened that if I didn't renew my online account, even my free listing would disappear. ???

    Worthless. Out of touch.

  • An
      4th of Jan, 2011
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    Wasted a bunch of money with this company. It was worthless, and I received ONE call all year.

    Then when I say I have no interest whatsoever in renewing, they hound me daily even though I asked repeatedly to be removed. Then they blame me for not receiving any calls because I didn't include a "coupon" in my listing. Meanwhile, I spend less than 10% on some online marketing and get WAY MORE RESPONSE...WITHOUT A COUPON.

    Lies. Out of touch. Worthless.

  • Ma
      28th of Aug, 2010
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    Last June I brought my husband home from the hospital after having a five-bypass open heart surgery. When we got home, the phone rang and I answered. Greg Berry talked to me about advertising on the internet with AT&T. I told him I would rather advertise in the book once I can afford it. He promised me to contact the local rep. We concluded the conversation and we were about to hang up when I heard a lady saying, she can help with both ways of advertizing. She promised to advertise all our services: photography, photo editing, teaching, printing, matting, framing, sports and commercial photography. The figure I heard she quoted me was $89.00/month. A week later I get a bill for $189.00/month. I called to dispute the ad and the amt, since my preference was to put an ad in the Yellow Pages.
    The lady on the phone said, this ad will never be deleted. You are stuck with it. I said that I am hard of hearing and did not hear the full amt. She played the recording of the transaction. This is when I found out that Greg Berry's conversation and her promises were not recorded. They only recorded when I said yes with hesitation. It is also on the recording when I asked her, did you ask me something and her saying, just say yes or no.
    The next month another lady called and asked for payment. I told her I do not want this ad. I have not received one call and I cannot find the ad. She tried finding it. They got my name mixed up, the area of advertising was limited to Wolfforth, Texas and none of the services we offer were listed. This lady gave me a number to call. When I called the manager was not available and his/her secretary promised to talk to the boss and delete the acct.
    A month later another person called and asked for payment. After going over the same story, she said that I need to send a certified letter and they will delete the acct. On 5-24-2010 I sent a certified letter.
    A month later, another lady called wanting payment. We go over the same story. She said the acct. was closed, but there is an outstanding balance. I told her if this acct was deleted from the first month, we would not have an outstanding balance. She gave me the number of the lady that signed me up. I called her and left a message. Few minutes later, I called again and she answered the phone. I told her that I did not hear what she said, that she promised me the moon, that she limited my ad to Wolfforth only, that she only recorded the transaction and not the total conversation. She said this is the first time she hears from me and did not know I had problems with the ad. She said she will look into it and get back with me. I made her promise. She said she will call me back before five. She never called back and turned the acct to a collection agency. Until today, I have not had one business call form the ad. One other promise she made was to direct 30 customers to my website/month.
    Yesterday, a young man called to see if I was happy with my acct. I told him I was not and asked, why, is the acct. open? He said yes, and gave me this number to call so they can close the acct. 1800-723-9552. Mae Wertz 8-28-2010

  • Ri
      9th of Jul, 2010
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    This is the worst company I have ever Dealt with. They know this, so they have a team of high power attorneys that just go after you once they have a signed contract regardless of their performance. Stay away at all cost...

  • Sa
      8th of Jul, 2010
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    I started a business in december. in no time the at&t con men, I mean "salesmen" where in my office and sold me a year contract at about $260/month. In 6 months since I have zero calls feedback. ZERO.

    Then the rep calls and tells me that according to their tracking, people are calling me! Who?

    I would know if my customers found me through

    Do you know who calls a lot, solicitors. I'm guessing solicitors for other junk marketing see the paid ad, then call you.

    Do you need that when running your business.

    And I had no idea there was an automatic renewal clause, and the contract had to canceled at least 30 days prior to the end date, or else they lock you in (really con you in) to another year of garbage marketing!

    So I email my rep that I need to cancel. Over a week goes by, to get a reply that the cancellation is done. No receipt, no proof, no nothing, just an email that he said so!

    for all I know, he's trying to trick me into another year!

    This place is fraud. I couldn't imagine running my business like this. They are just a bunch of unethical kids out of college in their 20's with one objective...taking your money, and giving you back as little as possible.

    This marketing is garbage!
    absolute garbage!

  • As
      13th of Jun, 2010
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    I am in the same boat. I had their service for 6 months now with not even one single call. They promise the world and give you nothing. they even had my number wrong on yellow pages. I tried to google my busines by key word (suppose to pay $170 and i could not see my company not on the first or second or tenth page. they keep sending me bills and I have not paid them yet. contact att and complained but all what you hear is sorry sir my apology sir. any suggestion.

  • Te
      7th of May, 2010
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    I have had no success with att yellowpages I am paying $98 a month for nothing wouldn't that be considered a breach of contract on there side. Which would negate the contract allowing me to cancel my add and stop paying for nothing. Surly with so many complaints about ATT yellowpages there are some lawyers out there who would want to take this on.

  • La
      22nd of Apr, 2010
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    The Real Yellow Pages
    I’m a small businessman and have been advertising with AT&T Pages for over 20 years. This month I received my bill and it was for $804, last year’s was $336. When I called to ask why I was told I didn’t qualify for the incentives that I had qualified for last year. Yep the books in print and my rep had said to me when we talked that everything was the same as last year. Seems to me these guys are desperate and willing to sacrifice tomorrow to get a stinking dollar today. This is my last year with them. So watch out if your rep says, “…everything is the same as last year.” Larry Hammer in Florissant, MO

  • Co
      3rd of Nov, 2009
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    I'm the owner of a small ad agency and work with all kinds of Media. I have never worked with such an incompetent company as AT&T. Although, I like my sales representative the company is so large and clumsy I would prefer to have a sharp stick in my eye then try to resolve an issue with AT&T Real Yellow Pages!

    For example one of my clients had a website built by AT&T. We have chosen to take ownership of the domain which I have been told is no problem. We have been working to obtain this domain for six months and AT&T says they don't own it. Funny... the WHOIS on the domain says AT&T owns the domain and the WHOIS has there phone number as the contact... I've now left message after message and was assured the issue was being resolved. Six months latter I'm stuck hear with no domain and no closer to the solution.

    Secondly AT&T internet advertising is a joke to say the least. Many times it's not worth the money but when you do purchase it they have no way to bill you on your signed contract dates. Another words when you decide to start 01.01.09 they just start billing you when ever the tech puts you up on line. If you budgeted $1, 000 a month for 12 months it does not matter to them they just tack the extra $$$ onto the agreement upon activation. If you placed the order on 12.01.08 your order will be up in about 5 days making you go over your budget by about $900.00.

    At one time I was a small client of AT&T's and thought that is why they treat me this way. Now I purchase between $20, 000 and $30, 000 a year with the company and get the run around just as much. I'm so fed up with wasting my time contently babysitting their customer service I'm filing this complaint along with complaints to the FCC and other organization's for consumer protection.

    Word of advise for small business owners. Purchase one year of internet placement with AT&T then cancel.
    They will not remove it from on line. They are so unorganized and I believe their infrastructure for their website is so screwed up they don't know their head from their rear end. I've been trying to get AT&T to remove a client listing from their website for over 24 months along with my AT&T sales rep and they still can't do it.

    I have finally called AT&T and told them for every extra hour I need to work with them to resolve these issues I'm subtracting $100. To date I've spent about 104 hours over the last 12 months working with AT&T so their buy will be reduced by $10, 400 next year and the till is still open. This does not phase them they simply do not care... If you want to work with a company that has NO respect for your time.. your budget or your needs AT&T Real Yellow Pages can help!


  • Nu
      26th of Sep, 2009
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    as a new business i decided to go with my at&t reps recommedation. i didn't get tons of calls (like i expected), but my first call resulted in a $19, 000 patio construction job, not bad for a $4800 annual investment. when i talked to my rep again, she made the comment that i would soon forget that $19K job and start thinking that my advertising is too expensive. it's true, every year i start thinking i should cancel or maybe i'm not getting enough calls. this year we tracked all my ads with different lines and they gave me a guarantee that i would receive at least 10 calls per month, if not they would prorate/rebate my last 6 months of billing. i didn't get the 10 calls per month every month, so i'm getting a partial credit on my last 6 month of payments. however, i did get 4 jobs from those calls, totally about $38K. i really don't feel like i deserve the credit, but hey it was the program they offered. call volumes are dropping, but what i have to focus on is not the number of calls but the quality of the call. i also got online for the first time, nothing big. she explained that points/items from competitors could move my position around, it did...but i still got a few calls. the online advertising is cheap compared to the print. it only costs about $200 to be in the first spot online vs. $2800 per month in print. i plan to move more of my money online to, but i will keep the print because the roi is still volumnes not so much. it's too bad so many of you are having problems. it sounds like most of you could do just fine without at&t so i'm not sure why you keep investing with them. best of luck to everyone.

  • Yy
      3rd of May, 2009
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    If somebody knows some method or has a experience to cancel his or her plan without no charge, please post it here. And, please send me a email to sign up for the class action if somebody is preparing it.

    I have a same experience with I started online listing in January, 2009. This is for my small business and this plan costs $52 a month. Because I have been getting just 3 or 4 clicks a month, I decided to downgrade the plan to free one. I emailed them, but they ignored it. Then, I called and was told it is the contract for 12 months and I can't cancel it.

    Please see my post if you want to continue to the rest:

    Yellowpages .com is very well known name and when I signed in, I totally trusted them and didn't doubt them at all. However, it turned out to be very unethical organization.

    I also have a confidence that is also similarly bad company. They overcharged even if I canceled my advertising plan. Please be careful.

  • Ka
      26th of Mar, 2009
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    I have also had horrible luck with my expensive online ad-I spoke with the rep for over 2 1/2hours over 2 days with others in the room with me -listening BUT since they only recorded 10 minutes of our *contract* that is the only part they are liable for. SO all of the promises are down the drain. I pay $350.00 a month for the online and to date I have received ZERO calls. He promised me at least 6 jobs a month to pay for this ad. I am very upset.

  • Ch
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    This company did the same thing to me. I had on line advertising with them for a year. It produced very good results for the first two months of the contract, then strangely dropped off to almost nothing i. e. one call a month or less. The quality of customer was poor also, but an agreement is an agreement so I paid for it. The new sales rep came in and used some wonderful guarantees and promises, (with these upgrades you will get 1350 points bringing you up on the list, etc.) Nothing changed, I actually lost my logo and my ranking decreased. Diane Smith was a good liar. Well, as most people here know the complaint department does not really exist. Apparently AT&T does not make mistakes so they do not have any need for follow up.

  • Mi
      15th of Feb, 2009
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    ATT sucks they had me sign up( I was willing to sign) but all I asked was for me to get a web site up and running before I signed on ( a 30 day period is what I was aking for) They had 6 premium spots and I was going to get # 3 or 4 but they were going fast so I better do it now! I said wait till its done but alas it was put thru. I did not know this was done till the first bill came thru They were new to my area and just starting out.
    Well I got my site done and it took 3/4 weeks to get them to put it up for which I still was paying for to hit a buttton and have the site up...arguments ensuded it was up for about 6 months and I got 1 call 2 additional was from sales org.s trying to sell online ads tune of costs for that 1 call 1800.00 plus I refused to pay I am in sales rep said a ton of biz would come in they are the best and the most used onsite yellow page ad...well I learned never to do online ads with yellow page co's at all pay someone else to keep you up front on google and yahoo you DO NOT NEED YELLOW PAGES ONLINE... pay someone else and your satisfaction most likely will be positive!A biz. wants to stand out by itself or as close to as possible. if you do convetional ads with the yellow pages (any one of them) the monies they charge is a least 1 employee or more. they get the biz calls coming in (a needed enemy) I do not think you need them as much a s they try to make you think they do!
    I am paying approx. 37K a year for Y/pages books I will die before I pay them for online ads. someone else will earn that...a small co./person that will earn their KEEP! thanks for letting me rant.

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