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AT&T U - Verse / complete disaster

1 1467 Bittern Dr.Sunnyvale, CA, United States Review updated:

I signed up for AT&T U-Verse service - internet and TV only. I asked the sales person if it worked with TiVo and they said YES. Come to find out it says in their manual - not compatible with TiVo ( in black & white). I didn't find this out until the technician had spent 7 hours at my house setting up everything. In addition, they never asked me if i had a 3-prong plug in the room with the computer, so they had to put their Internet box in with the TV in my bedroom. Then he found out that my computer didn't have a wireless connector, so when he left I had not internet! I also had not TiVo or DVD as he had bypassed them with the cable connection and went straight into the TV. I had a cable connection upstairs, so he cut the cable and was going to use it for his connection only to determine that the cable was old and he had to run his own cable. When he left everything was a mess except TV. So I called the next day and requested that they cancel the service and send someone over to put my system back the way it had been and was told that they don't put anything "back"!!! I was furious. I told my two sons who work in the computer business and they were angry also. One of them told me that he had tried U-Verse and had it removed because it didn't work with TiVo. I should have checked with first. After hours and hours on the phone, they finally sent someone out to restore my DSL, which they were going to charge me $250. but my son told them no way. They disconnected one of my extension phone lines and the DSL guy could not restore it and told me I ould have to have a phone guy come over to do it (for a price). It never has been reconnected. I got so tired of spending hours on the phone to haggle with someone. They did give me $5.00 a month discount for a year on my DSL service since I had been without servie for a week.

One piece of info I gleaned from a longtime phone rep who inadvertantly answered one of my calls was that the sales people are contractors and not employees of AT&T. So she said she was reporting the misinformation I had gotten about the TiVo because they were about to renegotiate their contract.

I learned my lesson the hard way. Check into things further but a friend of mine had really quizzed the sales rep of AT& T about TiVo because she wanted to make sure U-Verse would work with it ok. Needless to say, I called her fright away and told her my problems and so she wouldn't let them install it at her house.

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  • La
      1st of Aug, 2009
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    it's useless, illogical and at&t lies when you ask questions. they assured me that all tvs in the house would record programming, however, they won't. if one tv is recording the others will not and you are only ALLOWED ONE RECORDING BOX per home. if two televisions are watching hd channels the third will only watch non-hd channels, their router makes our high speed computers SLOWER than the 5 year old router we had and to top it off the tech broke the door on an expensive piece of furniture and then propped it so i wouldn't notice until i opened it today. that door hadn't been opened since dtv had installed the original system two years ago. of course, he denies it and at&t says it isn't their fault.

    they can break my stuff but informed me that if i so much as scratched their worthless POS boxes i would be charged a hefty fee for it.

    needless to say, at&t is out of this home and my families' life forever, they are liars, cowards and, of course, couldn't care less whether you are satisfied or not. they will, however, offer an "apology". how chivalrous of them.

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