AT"T U-verse / AT&T deceptive marketing and billing scam

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AT & T Uses Deceptive Marketing and Billing Scam

I am 71 years old, retired after a 40 year career as an IT professional, and I live on a fixed income being Social Security.

I was a new customer of AT&T as of January 19th, 2015. When ordering the service from their Marketing Department they told me the rate would be $104.00 per month. Don’t believe anything a person says if they work for this company. It’s what they do not tell you that cost the most. This company uses deceptive marketing practices to hook customers on a one year verbal contract.

Basically, the Marketing person DID NOT tell me about the connection fees associated with the AT&T service. I was NOT told the whole truth about signing up for the AT&T service. A used car sales tactic!

To date the invoices that I have paid for 4 and 1/2 months of service total $580.10.
February - $167.90 / March - $122.90 / April - $113.90 / May - $122.90 / June - $52.50
The billing amount each month is all over the place!

Since I activated the service the 19th of the month I expected billing to start on that date. NOT TRUE.
AT & T backdates the Billing and Due Date to 10th of the month to add late fees which continues month after month regardless of when you pay the bill. Basically one never catches up with late fees.

They make people commit over the phone to a verbal contract for one(1) year which makes people hesitate to cancel and pay the cancellation fee. No wonder they use a contract, they would have NO customers using the tactics that they use.

This company IS A RIPOFF.
The internet communications service LOCKS UP my computer if I leave it unattended more than 10 minutes. Their reply when told, “We never heard of that before, goodbye". This company needs to go under because they are screwing over a ton of people.

This company uses deceptive marketing and billing practices to hook customers on a one year contract.

May 27, 2015

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