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Carol Stream, IL, United States
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My husband and I signed up for the bundle package (Home phone, internet & Direct TV) In January2017. The bundle was suppose to cost $89.00 a month, with a 2 year contract. 1st bill was a little low($37.19). I called. Was told the first few months the bill would be a little off, by the third month the bill should reflect the bundle price. The next bill was for $166.45, nearly twice the agreed upon price. I called 3 times trying to find out what is going on (totaling over FIVE hours of phone time). When I call I get the foreign guy. He doesn't understand me, I don't understand him. Asked to speak to his supervisor. Got a foreign lady. Can't understand her either. After being transferred to several different departments, I was told "I don't have a contract." I said I wanted to cancel- Home phone, Internet and Direct TV-. I was transferred to another representative. He said I DO have a contract, and It would cost me over $200.00 to cancel at this time. If I have a contract "Why isn't the bill reflecting bundle prices? "He said I would receive credit on my next bill. April bill was $218.79 OMG Really! Called several more times. I talked to the foreign guy, two foreign ladies, two other foreign guys. NO one can help me! I just get transferred again and again. Several more hours logged trying to resolve this. I was told to call Friday morning at 10:00 and ask to speak to the Loyalty Dept. ( had to miss work to do this). She said "I don't have a contract with AT&T but I do have a contract with Direct TV. How did this happen? We receive Direct TV when we joined the bundle plan with AT&T. Prior to that we were using DISH network (with zero problems). She said she would work with me to lower my bill somewhat. But I could NOT have the plan we had agreed upon. The best she could do was give me a discount, leaving the bill at $120.00 a month plus taxes and fees. THAT WAS NOT THE AGREEMENT! I want OUT of all of it! We have been loyal customer of AT&T for 40 years ( It was Indiana Bell originally ). I'm all done with this company. If I don't have a contract, WHY can't I can't cancel services without a ridiculous fee? Why all the transferring of calls? Why does it take hours to find an employee willing to help? Only to be transferred again. Can't find anybody that is knowledgeable about how the company works. When they can't answer your questions---You are transferred, and the cycle continues. Nothing is ever resolved!

May 19, 2017

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