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AT&T / horrible service attitude

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I had this cell plan for two years ago. At the time of initial signing on, it was not explained very clear to me that the minutes for my two phone numbers could not be used interchangeably. I was under the assumption that the minutes could be shared between the two lines under my name.

In November my parent was sick and as a result, I have been using one of the cell phones more than the previous month. Unfortunately, this resulted in a very high dialed called for 908 672 8sss.

I called December 21, and the Customer Service gave me a credit of $84.80 and charged me $136.91. However, my 908 672 8sss phone was hardly used at all (only 59 minutes); I felt it would be fairer to charge me the regular monthly rate of $80.20.

I have spoken with Merlin (095) and Trent (833), but both of them quoted ATT policy and Merlin indicated that I was "imaging', and I was not "listening", and "there is nothing they can do to help", and "they could not give me any more credit" etc..... After the conversation, it made me very upset and aggravated by Merlin's poor service attitude and bureaucratic mentality. I advised him to take more human interaction courses, instead of using all negative words to let the customers felt insulted. I requested a supervisor's phone number from Merlin and he denied my request.

Throughout the conversation, all I got was very poor customer care and improper antagonistic attitude. Such as negative impression on previously and potential future customers would have detrimental effects for AT&T and should be rectified. To obtain $56.71 more is not as important to keep the customer happy and maintain a better publicity.

The initial sign-on misrepresentation whether was my or AT&T's fault is not a focal point of this argument, it is the current AT&T's customer care attitude and trying to satisfy the customer’s need may ultimately make or break a company successful in such a fierce competitive cell phone market !

Sincerely Yours


A past loyal customer and perhaps future customer.

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  • Je
      17th of Nov, 2006
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    Please read from former custormer

    P.O. Box 1246
    Chickaloon, Alaska 99674

    I am a private customer, not a business.
    My name is Jeanne [privacy edit]. When I signed up for service with AT&T, my last name was Garmaize. I have resumed my maiden name, Meldrum, for your records. My cellular telephone number was (907) 232-1sss. I just had the service discontinued yesterday.
    I want to tell you that on May 9, 2006, I called Cellular 1 to cancel my service because I make minimum wages and with the cost of fuel going up so high, I had to cut corners and the phone had to go. I was paying around $60.00 per month which was directly taken out of my checking account each month as had been arranged years ago.
    When I called to cancel my service, which also coincided with the amount of time I had on my contract, I believe, I spoke with a very nice young man named Ahmed. I think he was from Indiana —somewhere outside of Alaska , I do remember that. He was in a different state of the United States. He was a well-spoken man and works well for you. He was very courteous to me.
    Well, Ahmed talked to me for quite a while and suggested I keep my service and reduce the calling charges to $30.00 per month and I would also get a really nice, new camera phone for which I would be charged a greatly discounted price. And, it was a camera phone! Well, against my better judgment, I agreed to let him send me the phone and go to the lower priced service.
    I got the phone within about 2 weeks. There was no Sim card in the package. I’m not cell phone sophisticated. I didn’t know what a sim card was. I finally got a hold of Ahmed again and he sent me a sim card separately. By this time a few weeks had gone by and I had no access to the phone I was paying for.
    I put in the sim card, the phone lighted up, I plugged it in and I began to read the companion book and get to know the phone, but I couldn’t get the phone to work properly..
    I live over 30 miles from town. I live way in the mountains. It’s not easy to get to town. I thought no one was calling me, but when people said to me that they’d been calling and calling and only getting busy signals, I called the service department at our local WalMart, 36 miles away. They have a customer service representative there. He told me I needed to bring the phone in, so I made a special trip to town for this. While I was there, he got my phone to work. He dialed my number and I could receive the call, however within a few hours when I was back at my home and wanted to make a call, I was not able to. I have read the book over and over and over. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. It charges well, and sometimes I have been able to make a call, but only about 4 to 6 times ever was it successful. The phone will occasionally make a different musical tune that is not my chosen ring tone and when I have opened it, it started taking pictures! I didn’t want to take pictures at that time! From then on, whenever it made other tones, I just left the phone in my purse to take pictures of the inside of my purse.
    I wanted to discontinue my service in May and I still do. I just don’t like Cellular 1’s service and I don’t think there is anything better out there, so I’d rather go without a cell phone at all.
    Yesterday, when I called to discontinue my service, first I was told that my paymernts were delinquint! As I previously said, I had always had my payments automatically taken out of my account! I did not ever opt to have that changed! I really resent having a delinquincy on my record.
    I also was told that I will be billed over $368.00 in December to discontinue my conract. I cannot pay this amount at all and, again, I am resentful of this as I wanted to discontinue back in May because I am quite poor. I can't afford this luxury.
    Please email me and I will need to appeal to the highest autority you have at Cellular 1. When I chose Cellular 1 after being thoroughly unimpressed with the somewhat sneeky way my phone company had been taken over/sold out. whatever it was, and really mismanaged service here in Alaska from the very begining of Cellular 1 service. As someone who has been with Cellular 1 for the past several years, one of your long-time employees will remember people leaving ATT/Cellular 1 in droves up here.
    I must have a letter or an email of acknoledgement of this email to you.
    Thank you for your time.


  • Va
      7th of Dec, 2006
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    I received a message on my answering machine while I was out of town attending to my critically ill mother, saying that I needed to call ATT at the number they left.

    Did so and got put on hold for 30 minutes with no answer ... twice! Logged onto their website and found that they had my account listed as delinquent (I had mailed a check through another overpaid and substandard "service provider"... the USPS), so I processed an on-line payment. Their automated reply confirmed that the account was brought up to date. Another automated reply told me that my next bill would have a service restoration fee of $28.25 applied (Kansas' maximum is $18, according to one of the idiots who finally answered their phone). I called the number that notice listed and spoke to "Dana"... told her the situation and she argued that my phone had been disconnected, so the fee applied. I asked for the name and physical address of a supervisor, so she transferred my call to another idiot, Cheryl. Repeated the process and she, too, transferred me to a third, "Mrs. Walker" who said they would waive the fee as a "one time courtesy." These people wouldn't know the meaning of courtesy if it slapped them in the face! Why is this awful company rearing its ugly head again?! Didn't they get broken up due to just this kind of crap? I'm starting my search for a replacement today and plan to have it in place by January 1. I HATE AT&T. Will NEVER get any other "service" from them and will work to keep others from making the mistake of becoming their customers. This company really needs to be forced out of business... they don't care about their customers, their workers (if you can get through the multi-level automation to get to them) are incompetent and their automation is grossly overdone. Their physical address, should anyone else become exhausted before finally getting it is:
    Attention: Customer relations
    P O Box 1530
    Houston TX 77092

    My next stop for complaint is the FCC.
    I plan to do whatever I can to irritate ATT as much as they have irritated me.

  • Ed
      5th of Mar, 2007
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    I received a letter stating that I must respond to this letter within 14 days or else I will be billed for $59.00 a month for your services. For one. I did not purchase anything, nor did I request any thing from you. I better not see a bill for that amount. I have no problems putting a lawsuit. I work in a law firm.

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