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My son called me to tell me about a research company that was looking for people to participate in a research project. I called the number. A gentleman answered, took my name and address and zip code. He told me that he represented the largest research firm in the country. He continued by saying they are offering a 1, 000 to participate in a grocery shopping survey. He said I had to look over some of the information that would be sent to be me by their sponsors. He assured me I was not obligated to buy anything. Look over the material he said and if interested join the sponsors program if not decline and that would be it. He said I would receive Walmart gift card and shortly after I would be receiving instructions for the 1, 000 shopping spree, He said I could do it in 2 or 3 months but I had a year to finish up the shopping.
I asked how they would know what I purchased. He said don't worry about that, just shop and they would track it by the bar code.
So now I have a card in my hand with a letter that tells me to go to and sign up for 1, 000 worth of coupons.
Some have expiration dates as early as June 2010.

It cost me about 19.77 or something like that. AND after you pick out your coupons, you are charged 23.00 in order to have the coupons shipped to you. Some kind of service fee.

This African American gentleman was a smooth as butter. He convinced me that I would definitely receive 1, 000 to shop at any grocery store of my choice as long as it was a big chain. I asked if I could buy what I wanted and he replied most certainly.
I called to ask for a refund and was told they could only refund me back 9 dollars.

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