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Atrium Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing / Beware! Worst Facility EVER!

1 630 E 104th StBrooklyn, CT, United States

As I told my primary care Doc the very next day:
I went for inpatient physical rehab voluntarily. Their showers had no door, keep in mind their shower is in a main hallway, so anyone, male or female, can just walk in while you're bathing, so i told them i would call my doc the next day to leave. They said they leave a person with you but they seemed very insincere and, as you know, all staff have more than one person to take care of, so there is no guarantee they can stay there, plus anyone walking by can see what your doing because it's just a shower curtain, everyone can at least see your silhouette. Also none of the toilets have locks, not even the ones in the main hall, so same problem that anyone of any gender can just walk in. My doc knows me well enough that i may have problems, but i'm no liar.. ask the cops who i called, they wouldn't have stayed there either. One cop said he used to be in the military and he wouldn't stay there either when he saw the shower. One cop also said he's there often for problems. I'm not kidding when i say they withheld meds they clearly had in their possession (ibuprofen, and antacid that i know for sure) and my cpap (Continuous Positive Air Pressure for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, so without the machine I could die). The cpap, they kept changing their story every time i asked for it (yes we have it, no we don't, it's on order, we can't get it til tomorrow). Finally they brought just one med for sleep and one out of one pain killer tab instead of two (both the same med), and the male nurse said "good news, we have your cpap". An hour later i looked for him and he went back to "we don't have it". So I tried to leave. I called the cops when they wouldn't let me leave, I had put my bag on a snack tray because i couldn't carry it due to pain, used it as a walker too, and moved to find an exit. The exterior doors were locked and they would not let me out even though i reminded them i was there voluntarily for pain rehabilitation and they had no right to hold me. It was a disaster!. I said let me out or i will call the police, and they would not let me leave.. so I called.. After the cops came, the woman said to the cops "we have her cpap, doesn't she want it?"... and just moments before is when I finally got the antacid they said they didn't have too, the nurse throwing it at me saying "you want your antacid so bad? here!" Again, I may be a lot of things, but i'm no liar as most folks know. That's what really happened. Then the cops used the ambulance to get me out of there quickly, even followed my lead when the rotten people asked where was i going and i said "methedone clinic" because it was no longer their business, the cop even played along because he knew they were bad.. last words I said before I left is that I was going to report them, and I have because no one should ever have to suffer this place!

Jul 17, 2015

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