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Atlas Movers / The customer service we received from this company was terrible!

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We recently moved on August 11, 2006 with Atlas movers and have several problems with the service we received. The driver was looking for any excuse to bill us for more hours and gas mileage and therefore decided to take a route that was 20km longer between our old residence and new residence (the most direct route was 50km, there route was 70km and took 90min longer). The driver's detour cost us an extra hour of labor and more gas mileage. We requested that the driver take the most direct route before we left for our new residence however he disregarded our request and as a result we waited for over an hour for our belongings to arrive at our new residence (not to mention the truck had a 30min head start). The driver claimed he was trying to avoid traffic however he ended up taking a route that took him along the main route that all cottage owners take to go north on a Friday afternoon in the summer. We attempted to resolve the issue with the driver but he explained we would have to discuss the issue with customer service. In addition our furniture (a book shelf) was damaged and we were told someone would contact us about this as well. After a week we contacted Atlas because we hadn't heard from anyone. When we contacted Atlas there was no one available to speak to from customer services directly and we were told someone would call us back. After several calls we did hear from the movers we were promised the issue would be looked in to. Alex Carol- the customer service representative failed to return our phone calls numerous times and he gave us a phone number for the customer relations department that was incorrect and for a completely different company. After 6 weeks had gone by we asked Alex what he had done to resolve the issue and his response was "I don't have to tell you that." During our final phone call with Alex we were told there was nothing he could do about the dispute over the route the driver took. We attempted to resolve our issue through the Better Business Bureau however Alex and Atlas Movers stood by there claim that it is acceptable to drive great distances out of the way to avoid traffic. Alex also claimed to return all of our calls within 72hrs... wow was that ever a lie. The customer service we received from this company was terrible. It is impossible to speak with anyone when you have a complaint and when you do manage to get a hold of someone they don't call you back and give you false numbers when you try to go above them. I would definitely never use Atlas movers again or recommend them to anyone. However, I'm certain that if they continue to provide such poor service they won't be around for much longer.

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  • An
      10th of Nov, 2007
    -1 Votes

    Yep. Same thing happened to me. They damaged my floor and a mirror and same thing with the customer service - they don't get back to you, ignore you completely, tell you to do a million things that you have to do for them when they never had any intention of ever resolving your issue in the first place.

    I really hope this comment will make the world aware of this companies lies.

  • Lu
      22nd of Dec, 2007
    -1 Votes

    Atlas movers gave us a quoute for almost 13 thousands dollars for a one bedroom aparment, WHAT A JOKE! Doing research on the Internet Atlas is the on with the worst reviews... Don't use them please!

  • Le
      5th of Jan, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Check this out! Apparently their service is so bad people are creating websites about them:

  • Tr
      28th of Jan, 2008
    +1 Votes

    To be fair people, you employ a mover to do a job and then you try to tell them how to do it??? Wh did you not just hire a u haul and move yourself? one hour out or the way isnt too much, maybe they stopped for lunch or is this not allowed either?? A damaged bookcase and an hour delay isnt really bad now is it??

  • Le
      1st of Feb, 2008
    -1 Votes

    It's not the damage or the money Trevor. It's the fact that they do a terrible job, ignore your requests (since when is taking sideroads an unreasonable request and there is no way any company in the world would pay anyone $45-60/hour to eat lunch - they can do that on their own time!!), and at the end of it all you have to be disrespectfully treated by the owner who does everything he can to ignore you.

    You don't rent a U-Haul and move things yourself because you want the piece of mind that your belongings won't get broken and if something does a moving company will at least work with you to find a comporable solution that's fair for both parties. This was a bookshelf this time, a floor in my case, and it could easily be a 52" Plasma or your grandmothers ashes that are broken and scattered next time. And in every case you'll have to deal with these douche-bags who break your things, take your money, and ignore you completely until you take them to court or the Better Business Bureau. So where's the piece of mind that you're buying then?

    This company had all the chances in the world to work with this individual but instead they failed to return phone calls and mislead him at any opportunity. And if this is their business model for trying to get repeat business or good word of mouth then I say "STAY AWAY FROM THEM!".

  • Tr
      18th of Feb, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Totally understood, its just that this looked to me like a complaint for the sake of complaining about the little things.

  • Di
      24th of Apr, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Atlas made a mess of my house. They didn't do anything to protect the floors and it was snowing and sleeting outside. They didn't complete the inventory and many boxes had no numbers. Some stuff was left behind and some stuff got permanently lost. The drivers wife used my house as a shopping experience asking if she could have my tv's, etc. It was unbelieveable. Atlas has cost me thousands in damage and lost possessions. They have refused to make good and seem to be getting away with it. I am heartsick.

  • Ro
      14th of Jul, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Amazing coincidence. My family just moved and were treated like numbers. Completely ignored, belongings arriving late, arrogant driver who felt he could smoke in our new home, no apologies, had us wait on hand and feet for the lazy ###ers to finally show up. Then all the damaged items to deal with.

    Atlas does not know what customer service is. Got better service by a snot picking kid at McDonald's...

    Atlas just wants your money asap so they can move onto the next job. Just compare their website or glossy brochures to what you actually get...what a joke.

    It would have been much less painful to have my company pay for a U-haul and a couple of helpers who I could supervise and assist. My labor would have been free rather than put up with the ### I got from Atlas.

  • La
      5th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Atlas moved me from Arizona to Georgia . The driver was rude, arrogant, and most unprofessional. When I questioned his arrival date (which was far different from what I was told), he went into a tirade and actually physically threatened me- a senior citizen woman! Due to miscalculations on their part, the only way my load would fit on the truck was by dismantling
    nearly half of my belongs! Furniture was damaged and at the end my bill was $200.00 more that the actual written quote. Complaints went nowhere.

  • Jw
      25th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Be sure to verify that your "Atlas" mover really works for Atlas:

  • Me
      6th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes
    Atlas Movers - Damaged furniture/Customer Service a Disaster
    United States

    Have moved with ATLAS twice but never again. Both company moves and one of the companies employer used.
    First time around moves from New York to Texas. Lots of damaged furniture which was not repairable. Had to get
    a whole new BR set. They were howwever propmpt with reimbursement and processing our claim.

    This time decide to go with SMARTMOVE which was not so smart. We thought since we were going to have to store our furniture for about 6 months this would be a better option, NOT SO. First our furniture got moved into two different storage locations after the first one went out of business, We only found out when we went to schedule our delivery and found out they were coming from Nashville, not Memphis. Customer Rep also was not aware that this had happened.

    Lots of damaged goods and still no response from the CLAIMS department 1 month later.

    Learned my lesson.

  • Th
      23rd of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes
    Atlas Movers - bad movers
    Atlas Van Lines movers
    Phone: 6137560957

    These guys that moved us from Caledon to Bancroft area were the worst I have ever seen...they promise you everything up til the move and on the day it all changes..they showed up late and gave some lame excuse about the truck not working..and then upon delivery at the new address, they basically blackmailed me into paying the bill plus extra (without wanting me to call and check with the representative who quoted me) and then all of sudden it was cut in half after I made the call! Then we had boxes go missing and alot of other items vanished somewhere between our old home and our new one...clothes, food, tools and ladders all went missing. Then there was all the broken and damaged items as that was supposed to be shrinked wrapped and wasn't, got damaged, broken and chipped. Absolutely THE worst moving company I have ever had, and I would NOT recommend them to anyone or ever use them again...I hope you wont either...oh and then the driver of the truck tried to back into our new driveway and ruined it with the truck tires, gouging the ashphalt with huge rutts and then tried to tell me it was my fault?...Tried to get the company to fix it, got a quote for them, they dragged their heels and then finally said they would pay only $250.00 for a $2000.00 quote. Told me (from a picture I sent) that my driveway was made poorly and was too thin where it had been ruined! I had to fight them all the way for everything and was certainly not in the mood for all that after a move...whatever you do...DO NOT USE THESE MOVERS!

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