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Atlantis / Bad service

1 United States

My family went on a Carnival cruise October 20-25 which included my one year old daughter, husband and parents. My parents had been previously and couldn't wait to show their granddaughter the aquarium. When they had gone 2 years before it was free to walk around and enjoy the fish and walk outside. After paying to be boated over to Atlantis we couldn't wait for our daughter to see her first aquarium. But she never did because they had begun charging $39 per person to see it. It absolutely devastated my parents. $39 per person are you kidding me. I could understand $5-10 that is reasonable. What makes me the maddest is this is a very well off establishment, and yet they gouge you every way they can and yet at the same time they are killing the income of the locals that used to make a living driving/boating people over to see that aquarium. Yes, the entrance is nice but that's all you get to see unless you are staying on property now. This company is rich and the poor people of the Bahamas counted on tourist wanting to go over there. If you travel by cruise, please dont waste your time or give one cent to those money hungry thieves. Instead help the locals by taking taxi tours of the main island so that they can feed their families instead of giving it to that greedy corporation. I will never spend one dime in that place and I hope you decide not to either. I cant believe that they would charge that much for something that 2 years ago was free especially knowing that everyone is having financial hardships these past years. Don't they get enough from the one celebrity room that costs $100, 000 for 4 days. I am ashamed of the celebrities that help this establishment stay in business. I'm hoping you wont make the same mistake we did either by even going there.


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