Atlantic Internet Services & Telkom Sa / Rubbish adsl service

1 South Africa

The South African Public are to be aware of the disgusting rotten service we are recieving from the Atlantic internet Services and Telkom Sa wrt ADSL Services
The adsl servi9ces are being throttled restricted even if you have a uncapped service which you are paying for and at the same time Telkom Sa cannot provide their public advertised service of fast reliable internet and adsl lines
I have been struggeling for the past 8 months with these two services and still neither can accept that they have a poor service delivery. we now have this massive fiber optics pipeline which has hit our shores with no effect to you and me as consumers
My adsl is a 384 uncapped adsl and i have been restricted to less than 100kbs and Atlantic put you up as a abuse and dont see how this fits into it or is a question when the service is uncapped ( no limit on data download ) so where is is the abuse i questioned - while i have and am paying for the service which you dont and cannot get - these two companies should be investigated for ripping the public off as they advertise the service and chatge you for it and cannot deliver on the service - this is according to telkom technicians a thing that is also happening at various other internet service providers.
These service providers going at this rate i wouold not recommend to anyone to use and to check and reciebe in writing from any internet service provider what service you will be getting -
Telkom and Atlantic Internet Service Providers should be taken to taks and should not be alolowed to advertise as they are misleading the public
if there is anyone that can help on this please contact me on [protected]

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