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This man is pathetic! He made me sign a contract on my second day at the company stating that if I didnt train the person taking my place, I would have to pay him $3000.I was out of work, so needed a job badly.I signed his contract.I quit after 8 days, not being able to put up with being screamed at, called at all hours of the night, and at 7 am, and just being treated awful.He actually told me "Im paying you, and if I tell you to stand in the corner for three hours, thats what your going to do"! What an ugly person throughout.No, Im not standing in the corner, and you abuse all of your employees! What a loser.

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      May 11, 2012

    Resh Realty Group and Atlantic Coast Property Management are very professional, and very customer service oriented Firms. This ex employee of Atlantic Coast Property Management and Resh Realty Group, Kimberly Davenport, was simply detached from reality, according to several employees and members of the management team at Resh Realt Group. She was an emotional train wreck that carried her impending divorce in to the place of business to discuss every minute of every day with anyone who would listen. She was unprofessional, and beligerent to management. She misrepresented herself to be a skilled property manager with a wealth of experience. She departed the Firm without proper notice, threw several company files in the trash that caused the Firm financial harm, and then filed a frivolous complaint with EEOC that was dismissed as frivolous by the Commission. She alleged sexual harassment in the complaint, but was ultimately replaced with another woman. Both Jerry Douglas and the President of Resh Realty Corporation are in process of filing cojoined Defamation/Libel suits against the individual.

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