Atlantic Bar & Grill MiamiOvercharged my credit card

My husband and I were on vacation and wanted to eat on the strip. Be careful! The hostess offered us 20% off on our bill. We said okay and sat down. When the bill came the 20% was not to be seen. We had to argue with the waiter and his boss to get 20% off 1 drink. (turns out that the waiter says 20% only lasts so long and that its not off everything - she did not say this) We also had to argue to get the extra meal taken off our bill (we are two people with 3 meals on our bill!!!). When we got home I noticed that on my visa bill the resturant over charged us anyway. I round all my bills so that they end in .80 (my birth year). I can look over my statement and know right away when something is wrong.

I filed a complated with visa and I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

As of today I don't have a response from either - but I do expect that one or the other will get this resolved.


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