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I thought I'd share our recent experience that went sour when the ECM in our 1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max went dead last February.

Originally, it went dead over 5 years ago, and my knowledgeable husband removed it and sent it to ecm-to-go in Houston, Texas. They repaired it, tested it in a junker Mitsubishi, and sent it to us in working order. It worked fine until this past February when it went dead again. We found another company we sent it to, Atlantic Auto Technologies aka Atlantic Automotive Industries in Jacksonville, Florida and within about two weeks, we received it back, saying it had been tested and repaired. My husband installed it, and the truck would not start. He pulled out his scope meter, and after 4 days of testing and looking over schematics, and checking connections, he finally came to the conclusion that the brain box was dead, and had not been repaired. So, while it was under AAT's warranty, we sent it back, receiving a return authorization number with return. They received it in early March. We never heard from them either by e-mail or by telephone and in two weeks, my husband phoned and asked what was up. The fellow taking care of our problem (Charles Ratliff) said that our unit was deemed non-remanufacturable and that they would send him a tracking number via e-mail when they shipped it back. They require a $89.95 diagnostic fee, but they still did not refund him back the $299.95. We waited, no returned ECM. He e-mailed them, no response. He phoned, "Charlie is out" or "Charlie" would not answer his extension #114, and other excuses were given, like, "we take care of credit card refunds on Friday's", or, "we're having problems with our shipping department". We got the run around for another couple of weeks with these same excuses, and no one would talk to us, nor refund us our $299.95. Husband finally submitted a dispute with his Visa credit card and it will take 60 to 90 days for our credit card company to resolve this. The frustrating thing is that they have kidnapped our ECM, holding it hostage, leaving us without a core to send off to another company repair it. I am without a vehicle while I wait for my husband to return from business matters in two weeks, when I can then make another run to the grocery store. As husband put it, we don't need this extra aggravation.

I suggest anyone doing business with sending in their ECM or PCU to first check the company out with the better business bureau. This company can be found there under the name of Atlantic Automotive Industries LLC, where you will find they have changed their name several times. You will also notice several other names they go by. They have an F rating.

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  • Ka
      28th of Apr, 2010

    I also have had problems with this company, Atlantic Automotive Industries, LLC., which turns out to actually be a junkyard. They also supposedly "repaired" the PCM ($295) for my 1995 Dodge Van but I had the same starting problem after they finallyreturned it. They said we needed a diagnosis from a mechanic which I got from the Dodge dealer at a cost of over $100. I sent the PCM back to them and also didn't hear from them for weeks. When we tried to call we were "disconnected" several times or told the Manager, Ben Booth, was in the bathroom, etc. When I finally got him on the phone he was extremely rude and I was again disconnected. I called back and blocked the lines for nearly an hour. They sent me a PCM and then my van wouldn't start at all and I had to have it towed to the Dodge dealer to be repaired. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY! Insist the Florida Consumer Services put them out of business and hopefully in jail.

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  • Ca
      13th of May, 2010

    I am currently having a problem with this company. I sent them my 2009 Nissan Infiniti ECM for repair a few weeks ago. I was charged $350 for the "repair" and overnight shipping. I was guaranteed I would recieve the part within 5 business days because it would be shipped overnight. After a week it was confirmed that the part was shipped by ground (which took approximately 5 days as opposed to 1 day overnight). When I recieved the part it said that it had not been repaired because it was in good condition. Supposedly the diagnostic fee was $89.95, but I was charged $299.95 for a "repair" and an additional $50 for overnight shipping. Right now, I'm out $260. I've been getting the run around for the past few days and after reading this I realize I'm going to have to take other measures because through them this issue will not be resolved.

    Oh- the ECM is still not working.

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  • Ga
      16th of May, 2010

    I had same problem. I sent my ecu on 5-7-10 priority mail and insured it. 3 days later called to see if they recieved it which they said no . this went on for 3 days to which i had to goto post office, get copy of signature, then call back to give name of person that signed for it. during all phone calls i waited long periods and talk to five different people. told shipping was down, programmer was down ect.ect. On wednesday i tried calling and calls were nevered answered and i was unable to log onto website. Finally i called a business located next door and the guy told me the F.B.I came in and shut them [censor]es down. The FBI has all are E c u. You can look it up in the jacksonville news. Also the fbi agent in charge is Brandon yourzak and his number is # 904-248-7000. This company is an llc with a register agent know as FLORIDA FILING & SEARCH SERVICES LLC. 155 OFFICE PLAZA DR SUITE A THALLAHASSEE FL 32301. They are responceable for all claims for this company. LET, S GET THEM!!!

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  • Th
      17th of May, 2010

    Ouch, sorry to hear about that Karen, Carmmell, and Gary. If you can, file that credit card dispute as soon as possible. My husband did this, and I think one has 60 days after the charge to do so. A junkyard, huh? Well, that's not far from what my husband figured. He said they probably have one technician flunky working in the corner of some dilapidated building who sits there putting solder blobs on units for looks, and slaps on the "Rebuilt by independent Rebuilder" sticker.

    An update:
    I decided to telephone AAT again about the second week of April. I dialed up Charles Ratliff's number ( 877-344-8877 ext. 114) with no answer. I then redialed and chose selection 2 to speak to their sales/help electronics number in hopes to get someone else to to take care of our problem. A "Wil" answered and said that Charles no longer worked there (one rat left the sinking ship) and he went on to say that Charles left them with a lap full of problems to sort through for their customers, and they were trying to catch up, and he then took our order number and saw the $299.95 that was in needs of being refunded to us, and also said he would try to locate our ECM. He then tried to blah blah me with small talk about his mother's name being the same as mine, but that it was spelt "Leesa", and then he said he'd call back in 2 minutes after he looked into these, or about 20 minutes. I waited, and then figured that since it was going on noon their time, that they went out to lunch, so no call back within twenty minutes. I had to wait over an hour. Sure enough, about ten after one their time, the phone rang and it was their shipping department saying that our unit will be sent out, and he gave me the tracking number. I believed him as he sounded truthful, and sure enough, within a few business days our ECM unit arrived from Reman Department, 13245 Atlantic Blvd. Suite 4-375, Jacksonville, FL 32225 and yes, it was the very unit we had sent them. My husband said they would sit on the refund until the 90 days, as they are certainly making interest on it or had already spent it. He was right, as we still did not get our refund.

    Good news came on 29 April, 2010 when we received a statement from our bank that:
    "Chargeback has been processed on disputed item and your account has been credited for this amount. If the merchant can present evidence that the charge is valid it will be placed back on your account. Please monitor cardholder statement for further adjustments. Please note that disputed claims are not finalized until i is accepted by the merchant. This process can take 60 to 90 days." There are still about 30 days left for this dispute. They have no valid reason to keep our money, so we are pleased with the work our bank did for us.

    The continued search for a business to repair or replace our ECM has been a frustrating learning experience for us. While our unit was held hostage, I had gone ahead and found an e-bay company (Mechanics-Mall in California) that said they had after-market ACDelco ECM's that were made for our Mitsubishi truck. It was a "Buy It Now" item, so I clicked on it, Pay Pal charged my card, and a few days later I received an e-mail stating that the item was back ordered, and that they wouldn't have it for two weeks. Huh? I was charged for an item they didn't have??? In this e-mail it stated that they required a $99.00 core deposit fee up front (fishy!). I then e-mailed back to cancel the order, which the e-mail letter stated I could do if I did not want to wait. I checked daily for a refund to my credit card. None. I then telephoned them and asked why they hadn't canceled my order and refunded me my money. She said the girl that takes care of charges wasn't in today, blah blah, but that they would take care of it as soon as they could. I phoned again a week later as still no refund. The girl said she would take care of it. At this time I received an e-mail from them that the back-ordered item was not in stock and that they would not have any in stock. (That figures!) I made sure I gave them a bad rating as they were trying to sell an item they did not have, which you don't find out until after you click, "Buy It Now", and they have your money, and they keep your money as long as you don't needle them for a refund. I felt sick over this, as we now had been screwed twice, by two different companies. But, whew again, I was fully refunded within three weeks of placing the order. So, be sure and read the feedback before doing any transaction on e-bay. I noticed a few others had stated the same complaint.

    Recently we tried phoning and e-mailing ECM To-Go (their business answer phone) to see if they would do business with us, but no return call or e-mail. So, we have given up on them. Originally, five years ago, they did say that our unit would have to be worked on by an older fellow that was familiar with our particular unit. Who knows, maybe he no longer works there or passed away. Again, who knows.

    We have checked out in Grand Praire, TX, and we are leery of them as they have another website,, and using either of these website names at the Better Business Bureau brings up no results. You have to search for ECM Industries, Inc.. which you only learn about if you go to their "about" page. We are skeptical of any company that has more than one webpage and then states at their "About" page that they are "...a division of ..." which can be a totally different name, which is the one used by the BBB. The old shell game to confuse and get more hits from unsuspecting consumers.

    Another company we found will not accept credit cards. There's nothing wrong with that, as maybe some of the customers installed their ECM units incorrectly and damaged them, and so this company doesn't want to deal with those people that filed a credit card dispute, or maybe they don't want to pay the credit card fees. But, my knowledgeable engineer husband knows what he is doing and we don't want to risk paying with business checks or money orders.

    I originally posted my complaint here:

    In the meantime, husband is looking into a DIY ECM kit, but, even this is proving frustrating as we'd need the schematics for our unit. Our truck continues to sit dead in the carport, and so we have let the insurance slide on it.

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  • Di
      9th of Jul, 2010

    My husband and I also had a problem with this company giving us the run around.We sent them our BMW computer to be re-programmed Dec 1 2009. They sent it back to us not fixed. We sent the computer back to them a total of three times, we did not want our money back we wanted them to program the computer. After being without the car since Oct. and having them try to fix it three times under their LIFETIME WARRANTY we decided it could be a lifetime before they fix the computer correctly. We placed many many calls and sometimes got to talk to somebody and asked for our money back since they could not do the repair. After a delay of 4 months we were not able to get it charged back onto our credit card. The last time we spoke to BEN he was going to ask that we get a refund from the credit department.
    Checking on line the next day the FBI was doing an investigation and they were closed for the day.
    I contacted the FBI and all they did was tell me they were still open for business and added us to their file. PLEASE DO NOT do business with theses people they are ALL scam artist. I looked for a review on this company before doing business and their wasnt any reported.

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