ATI, SAPPHIRE HD 3870Overheating


I bought last year a SAPPHIRE HD 3870 for 207$ CAD, the card was very good for the first few months, then suddenly the card started to act strangely, It gave me a no signal input sign so i wrote to ATI, who told me the card must be overheating and it was probably dirty. So i took off the card and cleaned it and inserted it back the problem stop for a day or two, then the card gave completely on me. So i filled an RMA form to ATI like they told me. And the answer is : you have to sent back the card with a 40$ CAD check in order to ship the card to Hong Kong it takes about 6 to 8 weeks and there gonna send me back a refurbished video card (refurbished !!! wait is it me or what i bought i new) I serched on google and it seems like these cards realy have a heating problem and many people observed the same problems i've had. The card sales now for about a 89$ CAD so they think i should pay 40$ and wait 6 to 8 weeks to get an old refurbished card !!! i dont get it. Last year my 500GB SEAGATE hard drive failled on me sent an RMA to SEAGATE paid 8.40$ for shipping and 5 days later received a brand new 750GB hard drive in compensation totally free.

My point is when you pay for somethings with a warranty you should not pay for anything else and that ATI should realy take care of its client and copy the other company for RMA.

I for one thing am finnished with ATI and going with NVIDIA, .

And I intent to fill a class action lawsuit agains ATI for putting on the market a deffective card

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