AtHomeMart / Unethical Business practice

Ba Dec 30, 2015

On Dec 7 I ordered a sofa at Amazon. AtHomeMart was the seller. They said the sofa would arrive Dec 21, which quickly changed to Dec 24, which then became Dec 30 (today)!!! This norning I spoke with Customer Service and they said they would deliver at curbside. I explained I could not bring it in by myself. They said they would contact the shipping company to get it ok. I never heard back from them. Next thing I know the guy is here with the sofa, but he won't bring it in the house! He said that was company policy! And it was raining!! As much as I wanted the sofa I had to refuse it. And now they want to charge me 20% plus shipping both ways! The sofa was $600! They are unscrupulous! WARNING! Do not do business with AtHomeMart!

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