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DEAR FRIENDS, इतना सभ कुछ देखने के बाद तो एक अँधा भी समझ जाएगा की क्या हुआ है. तुमलोगों को पैसे तो मिलने से रहे.

अगर तुम्हारी घंटी बजी और चाहते हो की :::::::
1 जल्द से जल्द पैसे मिले, (ATLEAST INVESTMENT HI SAHI)
2 इस चालबाज़ कंपनी में और लोगों को फसने से रोके.

हमें EMAIL करे ...[protected]
Col. Agarwal,
All India Anti Corruption Committee (AIACC)
Founded by late PM Indira Gandhi

DEAR FRIENDS, after seeing all the problems, even a blind man can realize that all you people have been cheated. And only some amongst you who are the agents of this company have earned.

If at all you people have some understanding and wish to :::::::
1 Recover your money as soon as possible (atleast investment)
2 Prevent more people from getting cheated as you were cheated

Then please contact us on ... [protected]
Col. Agarwal
All India Anti Corruption Committee (AIACC)
Founded by late PM Indira Gandhi

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      25th of May, 2010

    After trying all efforts to reach atcr officials & leaders, when no one responded or replied with satisfactory information, we started lodging complaints on this website, instead of going to court or to our local area police station.we found few nos of leaders of aryarup, we tried contacting them too but of no use, either their mobiles are switched off or not reachable.even we tried calling customer care of aryarup but of no use..hence, we found a contact nos of one Mr.Surya prathap singh who in favor of aryarup had commented well responding to a complaint against Aryarup.
    we contacted him, he assured us that, due to some legal procedures and norms aryarup has delayed in payment, but surely it will pay everyone, just wait for some days.hence, we gathered some courage and kept in touch with Mr.S.P Singh.later we came to know through a reliable source that atcr's few bank accounts have been freezed in Bangalore in a case and so is the reason company is not able to pay back investor's money.
    Now we have come across that due to freezed accounts and loss in business, Aryarup is trying to winding up & trying to flee with peoples money.
    Hence, we bring this urgent notice to all those investors of aryarup to gather and demand justice from the Honorable supreme court.
    Mr.Surya prathap singh who is also among one of us and a very sincere human being tried helping all of us is with all the investors who have lost their money in Aryarup, has intimated & alerted all the authorities about Aryarup's present Conditions and future Plans.we feel his life is in danger for his bold steps.
    Hence, we request all the members & Investors of Aryarup (ATCR) to join together, to raise your voice and demand for justice for getting back your hard earned money along with returns as promised by aryarup.

    we request all the members to alert all the investors & members of aryarup.
    Join all to protest against aryarup..

    For Further Help & Information call on these Nos..

    Venugopal Rao- 9341663663
    Narayan swamy-9945495070
    S.N Sharma- 9713263495
    Surya Prathap Singh-9916786240
    Girija Shankar- 9901006815
    Mahesh Rana- 9343879123

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