AT & T U Verse / Poor Customer Service

1 TX, United States

We've had U-Verse for just over a year, and have problems off and on for the entire time. At one point, we had no service, we spent HOURS on the phone getting passed from one person to another...having to go through the same explanation over and over. When AT & T's service men came out to the house, in "inside" crew blamed the problem on something "outside". When the "outside" crew came out to the house, they blamed it on something "inside". Long story short...they came out to our house SEVEN times before the problem was repaired. And to "top it off", the last repairman fell through our ceiling in the formal dining the house we had just had remodeled and repainted!
I have just returned from a local AT & T store because of a problem with my cell phone. Their own employee shared her frustration...said she hears complaints about U Verse all the time. She also complained about calling customer service and the length of time it takes to get an issue resolved. She complained that employees have to call the same customer service number that we have to call and said if she has a problem, she has to wait till she has a day off to call because it takes so long to get a resolution.
My family has made our own decisions about U Verse and using AT & T for our cell phone service. We're changing to other providers.

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