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This AT & T U-Verse System is a scam and I recommend don't get the service or when the door to door sales man comes knocking don't answer the door. I want start out by stating that it started when the door to door sales man made the system sound all great. What he didn't tell me and found out later out of frustration is that he lied about what my monthly bill would be and what the system can do. For those of you who have four T.V's in each of your bedrooms and want to what and record differnt channels at the same time the system will not allow you to do it. The U Verse system will know one of your TV's off whatever there watching offline. It's worse if you have HDTV. The system can only have 4 channels. If your recording one you can only watch 3 different channels. So during the time trying to record, watch tv, and getting bumped off channels I decided to cance. This is where it gets worse. I ended up paying more for the systmen than was orginally quoted. SO I cancelled. At & T owed me over a $100.00 from an overcharge. I cancelled back in May. I have called every month and sometimes twice a month to get my money back. Were in August and I still have not received my check in the mail. They tell me it's in the mail. Whatver. So I am letting everyone know stay way from the AT & T Uverse system.

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  • Ja
      Nov 04, 2008
    AT & T U-verse - Lack of Service
    AT & T U-verse
    1510 Seely St
    United States

    They coming knocking at your door. Tell you what a great service. It sucks, poor Customer Service, it takes up 3 hours to get someone on the phone only to be transfered. It has been a month now and I still can not view any TV programs. They have visited my house on four occasions. One they didn't show up for. Now I am stuck with no TV. The lady on the phone, said she would be happy to give me a credit. I told her if I get a bill I will take them to court. You signed an agreement and they haven't held up there part. In talking with a few other people they are experincing the same issues as myself. On there phone line they make reference to JD Power & Assoicates stating they are a good company. I am not sure that JD wants there name assoicated with a company that is poorly ran. Tech that can't finish a job before they leave. Example, my phone line is still runing across my back yard.

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  • Ch
      Nov 18, 2008

    I had the same expierence with them...Good luck to anyone who uses at & t...the worst service ever, hours & hours spent on the phone with them to have nothing ever completed. I finally went to the tv converter boxes, just so I know I will be setup for feb of 2009.

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  • No
      May 18, 2011
    AT & T U-verse - payment
    at & t
    2168 ormond ave.
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I promise not to deal with AT & T after today, there tactics are gangster like & they are more interested in profit. The hell with customer care. I will be taking my money to another service provider, your over paid u-verse service will not be needed. I paid my service through Western Union, with prove of paid & they tell me they have'nt received paid. The claims department had me fax the recepit, why... I don't know because nothing was done.

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