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At Home Rewards / Value Plus / How can I get the money back they stole?

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I am a college student on vacation for the summer, I worked hard while in school, and took out a loan for getting my wisdom teeth removed, just to find $36.90 a month being taken out of my checking bank account by something called "AT HOME REWARDS" and "WC Value Plus". Who knows how long they've been doing this, I can only check back 3 months online and my bank charges to go back farther. I know I should have paid more attention to detail on my history reports, I use my debit card too much I know plus I thought Value Plus was the convenience store I sometimes go to and ATHOMEREWARDS was typed like that and didn't know what the heck it was. It still isn't right, and isn't my fault! I can't file a dispute till I get back home in another two months. My bank said all they could do is cancel my debit card and all I have for when I go to Europe in two weeks is my ATM card and checks.

I called the number for At home rewards and it sounded like I was talking to some young brat that kept acting defensive. The only way I got through to her from the automated system was to type [protected] as my phone number then I got to talk to someone, I was not going to type a real number. She asked me for my member ID number, said I never had one since I never signed up in the first place. She responded with "Well apparently you did, can I just have your phone number then?" Then I told her I didn't trust them enough to give my phone number and she should have gotten the fake one I typed in and that I didn't want them to be calling my mom all the time. She said " but we don't call out, we only take calls, only way we can help you is to have your real phone number". I said "well I don't like you're persistent tone of voice, you're apparently a fake and I'm going to see to it everyone knows it" Then I hung up. From reading other things I hear people complain about getting harassing calls from them. I think they should be stopped and I want my money back that they've deceived me out of.

If its something where I bought from a website and didn't read a BOOK of fine print before hitting accept, that’s a load of bull! I've not bought from a site even related to home products, so if I get a monthly bill for home improvement stuff when I agreed to buy a DVD case or something, that is not right, it is deceiving the public, they all should go straight to prison! I'll see to it. If anyone has advice let me know right away.

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  • Ma
      12th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I suggest you finish school because you are obviously in need of it. You can't expect them to be psychic and find you in their computer system without any of your information. DUH!!! I can understand a true complaint but I have yet to find one about this company. Everyone is complaining about things that they have caused. It is absolutely absurd. Peace.

  • Le
      11th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    No one needs to finish school dippy! Can't you see a person got ripped off? They did it to me too!! I don't like it one bit not at all and something should be done to them. As to Mark's reply it only shows how stupid he is to criticize the poor guy that got ripped off about his being angry. I am really angry. These people have been ripping people off for a long time now.

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