Asymmetry Asset Managementthere's something suspicious

Asymmetry Asset Management Fund is overwhelmed by a boring information. And it's not about that it can't be fun, it really shouldn't be, the subject is serious, but it should be provided easily, so people could quickly understand it. I can't say it's a disadvantage, just for the record. It's a little confusing though. At least it may answer many questions.
The team. As it said on the website it consists of two people only. It's hard to believe in this, but if it's true, that it's negligible, I am sorry.
And the contacts. On the one hand they are provided, but on the other hand, please, look at them carefully. The address is not an exact one. They just mentioned the town, district, street, and postcode. As far as you understand, it's not enough.
So I'm not sure they can be trusted, but if you decided to collaborate with them, be careful then and understand the risks.

Dec 07, 2018

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