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Dear Astro Advertisement Department,

We notice so far there are 3 advertisements shown whenever we open our Astro TV channels, the terrible and horrifying pictures came out with someone throwing away the televisions or use the hammer to break the TV screen made us feel very uncomfortable and angry.

Is there any other ways to show even no TV at all, you can see programmes by hand phones. Have you ever think, if everyone follow suit, then their eyes sights will be getting worse, also a faster way lead to blindness.

We hope you all can evaluate this and change to a more loving advertisements, we love to see a more harmonious advertisement instead of a violent one, especially came out from Astro. Thank you.

Apr 30, 2017
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      May 18, 2017

    my problem is...why you have to destroy your tv when you can give them to those who hv no tv or orphanage, old folks home..
    yes just an ad...but not necessarily to do it that way...
    also your free package valids until end of may or june only...if i dont want to subscribe and pay, where goes my tv? you refund me one tv ka?

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