astra travel,florida / wanting my credit card

1 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I received a phone call, well no, i received a pop up saying id won 3, 000 dollar spree in Daytona, Florida and Bahamas, three days ago.I would not allow them to have my credit card, any way don't have one just a debit card, but works the same on any online shopping etc, anyway i would not give the900 for the fee's plus i was to pay air fare meals and all that plus the Bahamas.It was car hire 7days at resort right near disney etc, but when i wouldn't give my credit card details, i said can i speak to the manager or i will ring the hotel can you give me the number?/needless to say he hung up but before doing so said this is a great deal etc .PLEASE PEOPLE DP NOT LISTEN TO THIS GARBAGE, it is a scam no doubt about it.just wanted to warn anyoneone else. Thanks. Michstar

Feb 16, 2014

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