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My name is Stephanie K
Astoria federal savings bank has proven to be excessive and abusive.
I have a checking account with a direct deposit of 300.00 a week.
On 6/15/09nI received a letter that stated my account was in overdraft in the amount of $ 475.00. I don’t have an overdraft. Nor do I write more then 2 or 4 checks a month. When I called re the letter I received I was told there were 16 (sixteen) charges of 35.00. When I asked for what they said they were debit charges while overdrawn. I said no way I could only take out what I deposit and they said they were giving me money and then charging me the fee for doing it. This was over a three week period. I have never received notification of any of this until the letter yesterday.
I called the bank and spoke with a supervisor will call her MM of the phone banking. M was going to reach out to the bank to see if this would be credited back. Today she called and said there was nothing they would do and that she would file a complaint with the customer care center. I found out today that 1 of my 3 checks I wrote they bounced now I have more fees form the bank and from the company they bounced the check on. Why didn’t that pay that too.?
What allowed them to do this.?
What was there magic number to stop giving out money and charging fees without notification, was it 16.
Why didn’t a bank representitive reach out and call me when they saw 4 charges within a week, maybe ask me if I knew what was going on.? Not once was I contacted by a bank employee, they just kept charging my account. So each day when the bank manager ran his or her report not once did they think to reach out to a small person like me and tell me why they were taking my money. Yet corporate accounts they waive fees like crazy. We should put our money under our mattress…..other wise the federal banking system will steal it.
I am a single mom. Yes I remarried but I take care of my children’s needs. I am now down over 600.00. I don’t think I will recover anytime soon.

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  • Au
      Jan 23, 2010

    This bank is horrible. they hit you with so many fees it is unbelivable. even if you travel international and use your card they charged you double the fees for using your own debit card.. It is horrible and they are always in control of your money. is like you are practically working for those ###.

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  • Do
      Apr 16, 2013

    i completely agree they tried to pull the same stunt with me

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