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      18th of Dec, 2010
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    I worked for ASTAR they were located off of busch blvd in tampa fl.. I quit after a few days because we were calling people over sea's trying to get them to set a holiday package .. first of all we were calling off of leads which my assumption was from someone filling out a survey online but not for travel because most the people I did contact said that they had never filled out one .. we had rebuttals that we were to read from and were explained to tell the consumer that they filled out the resume 6-8 months prior and maybe that is why they didnt remember .. but to me looked like some sort of census bureau information because it sometiems had the income and what credit cards they had even home many people resided in the residence with the consumer.. what got me the most is that we were told to tell the consumer to pls hold while we entered their information including credit card number into the system ... first and foremost let me explain to you there was only like one computer in that office and it was used by a gm to tell us if the credit card was approved or declined !! we had no computer at our desks .. and the phone we were talking from was like a regular corded phone !! we didn't even get head sets !! I didn't feel right lying to these people if we were making it sound like a legitimate business and it wasn't what else were we lying about!! I don't know if they have changed their "technologies" since I worked for them 4 years ago .. but i have heard that particular office was moved off of fowler in tampa .. good luck to those of you trying to get a job there looks as if they would hire anything when i went I couldn't tell you at least a handful of the co-workers i worked with at that time were drug addicts or recovering! even the t-o (take over) people ! i felt truley sorry for them they get paid strictly commission no minimum wage there! if they dont make a "deal" all week simply put they dont get paid !! its a mess and absolutely if you get a call tell them to put you on the do not call list unless they can send you more information .. which im guaranteeing you if they have not changed they wont "be able to " because its a "first come first serve basis" ... i believe thats what we were instructed to tell the person on the line !! i get calls here and there on my land line once in a blue moon from telemarketers like i was once and i try not to give them a hard time but instruct them im simply not interested and do not wish to be called again ! good luck to all who may work for them or come into contact .. beware
    Amanda from Tampa Florida

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