Associated Accounting of Florida, Inc / Debt Free/Elite membership agreement

1 146 NW Central Park plaza Suite#201, Port Saint Lucie, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (877) 982-7526

I am very disappointed with this company. They debit my credit card for $450.00 and promised me that I would see an significant different in my credit cards debt and would see the different within six to eight months if not my money will be refunded. I have contacted these people so many times stating that I have not seem anything different in my credit debts. They assured me that I would see something. I have tried calling, they"ll stated that they will have someone to call me, no ever calls back after they got my money, . At first before they received my money I was hearing from them constantly. They will not return my calls. I have not seem any different with my credits cards. I would like my entire money credit back to my card, I also would like a respond back from you. Thank you for your concern with this matter. I am very upset with this company. I am planning on taking this matter as far as I can. I hate people when they take people for grant. money is hard to come by these days, People like to know if they are really been help then some company taking there money. Pleas help me with situation.

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