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1 5550 Blazer Pkwy, Suite 175, Dublin, OH, United States
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Phone: 614-766-6552

Lisa Hilfiker is a property manager at the Hilliard Commons condo's. Lisa has been with this property for about 2-3 years. Since arriving many residents cannopt stand her negative attitude, Selective Enforcement, and ignoring many work order complaints if she does not like you.

Lisa is a Condo Association Property manager who likes to selectivly enforce residents. In one case a man was forced to pay quite a bit of money for work on his unit. I told this resident to stand up and fight and he said" I want to leave it alone because they (Property management company-property managers) will cause me more problems" This man was scared to stand up for himself because he was in fear of " Retaliation".

Ive had numerous problems with Lisa Hilfiker and when we complain she comes after you more. She knows she has selectively enforced rules on my family that others do not need to abide by. This is sad due to the fact all rules should be enforced equally. Other neighbors have complaind about how she enforces rules but will not speak up.

This is a sad representative to have on our property. Her thinking is my way or you will pay. That is a comment she has made to me several times. When we send in work orders she purposely ignores these orders because i will not put up with her garbage. I would never allow her to manage a property after seeing how she operates. She will tell you one thing and as soon as she walks away she will deny it later. She also wrote our family up for a deck that was damaged by carpenter ants that the property management and board knew about and ignored.

HOW SORRY IS THAT FOR A PROPERTY MAMAGER. She also likes to threaten violations against you after board members gave you permission to do something

She is very bad for selective enforcement... BEWARE

Apr 1, 2014

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