Assisted Living Milwaukee San Camillo St. CamillusSt. Camillus let my grandma die then they lied and covered it up

My grandmother was staying at San Camillus Assisted Living Facility for therapy and rehab after having a stroke in April, and when she was well enough she would come back home. When she went there, it was made known to them that she wanted to have CPR done on her if anything happened. She was doing well with her recovery and was planning on coming home soon. But one early morning on July 25, 2014, she suffered cardiac arrest. Someone from San Camillus called us at 3:44 am, and said the nurse went in my grandma’s room and ‘found her turning blue, no vitals’ and said ‘she had a massive stroke, she died’. Bluntly, just like that, and we found out later my grandma did NOT have a stroke. But she said they were going to get a coroner, called 911 as their protocol, and said we should come out there. Then about a half hour later, she called back and said the paramedics had come and they had revived my grandma and were taking her to the hospital. She was in bad condition. She was on life support because she couldn't breathe on her own anymore and had little brain activity and had suffered anoxic brain injury. We asked the nurse in the ICU if she knew what exactly happened, and she said she wasn’t sure but that for some reason my grandma asphyxiated during the night. We asked her if my grandma would be able to recover and she said she didn’t know because they weren’t sure how long she had gone without oxygen, and she said according to the EMTs, that it appeared that no one at San Camillus had done CPR on my grandma for at least 10 minutes, and she said that was a long time to go without oxygen and would make a big difference in how well she’d recover. My mom called San Camillus and asked them what happened so they arranged for my mom and my grandma’s sister to have a meeting with the former director of nursing, Georgie Ann, (who we believe no longer works there because she knew we know she lied), and the administrator, David Tank., at San Camillus. At the meeting they told my family that the nurse heard a noise in my grandma’s room, and found her in distress but breathing. The nurse did a code went back in the room and my grandma was still in distress and breathing and turning blue. First the director of nursing, Georgie, said they weren't doing CPR on my grandma because she was still breathing when the EMTs got there. Then later San Camillus said that they were doing CPR on her and that the EMTs took over when they got there. After talking to the people at San Camillus, my mom and my grandma’s sister were confused about what they were all saying. So my mom and grandma’s sister went over to the fire station that got the 911 call that night and got the EMTs report. According to the EMTs report, my grandma was found by the staff at San Camillus unresponsive and not breathing, and no CPR was in progress, and there were NO pre arrival CPR instructions given by 911. CPR had been initiated by the EMTs. The EMT report said that the estimated time that my grandma had been in cardiac arrest and not breathing was for 8-10 minutes. According to the EMT report, my grandma was NOT breathing when they got there. So we didn’t believe that the nurse San Camillus found my grandma in distress and that she was still breathing that night when the EMTs got there, and we didn’t believe that anyone at San Camillus was doing CPR on her. We believe they lied about that and only said they were doing CPR because they knew we were mad that we thought they weren’t doing CPR, which they weren't. They supposedly found my grandma at 3:30 am, but didn’t call 911 until 3:36. (We believe that they actually found her sooner than that, since she was not breathing and in cardiac arrest for at LEAST 8-10 minutes when the EMTs got there). Why did the staff take that long to call 911? Then the morning the day of the meeting my mom and my grandma’s sister had at San Camillus, a nurse named ‘Carole’ from San Camillus called the ICU and was asking all kinds of questions about us. The nurse at the hospital insisted that her name was ‘Carole’. But the former director of nursing and administrator at San Camillus both denied that there was a nurse named ‘Carole’ who worked at San Camillus, and that is a lie because we know that there was a nurse named ‘Carole’ who worked there, because she came into my grandma’s room one day while me, my mom and grandma’s sister were out there visiting. They tried to say that someone named Chris called, but no one named Chris called the ICU that day and the nurse was not going to mistake the name ‘Carole’ for Chris. Why didn’t that nurse ‘Carole’ just talk to my family the day of the meeting instead of calling the ICU? Why did she have to call the hospital? How did ‘Carole’ know that my grandma was in the ICU? The nurse at the ICU said the questions ‘Carole’ was asking didn’t seem right and so didn’t want to give her any info about us. Everything the former director of nursing and administrator at San Camillus said about what happened that night to my grandma, and about that nurse calling the ICU, and denying a nurse named ‘Carole’ works at San Camillus all sounded very suspicious to us. They are also understaffed. One time my grandma rang for the nurse and it took an hour for one to get in by her. Another time they left her siting on the toilet for an hour while one nurse went to go find someone to help my grandma get up, and a third time she had to use the bathroom and by the time a nurse got in there to take her it was too late. But we took my grandma off life support on August 2, because she was like a vegetable and had no chance of recovery. The Drs. at the hospital said she died of anoxic brain injury due to the cardiac arrest, because she had been down too long without CPR or oxygen. We knew that San Camillus lied about that nurse named Carole and what happened to my grandma that night for some reason. So we had the Division of Quality Assurance do an investigation and we found out that there were deficient practices at San Camillus that night. What we found out was that my grandma was in distress, and there was a LPN who found her and went to get a registered nurse, named Mercy Violanda. She went out to make some kind of code, and she left the LPN alone with my grandma who the Division said is not trained to do any kind of assessment or things like that. Mercy was gone so long making phone calls that by the time she came back it was too late, the LPN said my grandma had passed away, and THAT was when they finally called 911, NOT when they first found her like San Camillus supposedly claimed, but after she had passed away. The Division of Quality Assurance determined that my grandma did NOT receive CPR by anyone at San Camillus, in accordance with her wishes, and that CPR was initiated by the paramedics when they arrived at the facility. We got my grandma’s medical records and Mercy had two different stories on some notes about what happened that night. One entry was a late entry, made on July 28th, which just happened to be put in on the day my family had that meeting with them out there, and we believe she only added that later to match what Georgie said, even though it wasn’t true. But neither story matched the other one. In the first story, Mercy said my grandma wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. In the second story, (entered on July 28th), it says she was breathing and had a pulse. The second story first said she was declining rapidly and didn’t get vitals, then she said later in that same story that she was breathing and had a pulse when she went back in the room.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Milwaukee, WI So we believe they even fabricated my grandma’s medical records. They even put a different later time (than the time they first said they found her) in the record about when they found her in distress. The facility was issued two federal citations, one for violating the rights of residents to formulate advanced directives, and one for violations of services and treatment to assist residents to reach their highest potential. We don’t know why no one did CPR on my grandma, when that was what she herself wanted or why neither of those nurses, the one in the room with her or Mercy, the one on the phone, didn’t do it!! So that was why they lied about everything!! They just let my grandma lay there basically dying when she needed help the most, and they took too long to call 911!! They should have done that immediately, as soon as they found her in distress and administered CPR!!! (The EMTs were the ones who resuscitated her). Resuscitative measures were NOT in place by San Camillus like San Camillus said, and she was NOT still breathing when the EMTs got there. My grandma was also Full Code, meaning she was to be resuscitated by the staff and have everything done for her if she was in an arrest, distress, or needed medical help, which they didn’t do. The EMT report said that the arrest was not witnessed. Well if that LPN was in the room with my grandma while she was in distress and then stopped breathing, and had no pulse, she WAS a witness to the cardiac arrest and did nothing, and that also is a violation of their own policy, to do CPR if an arrest was witnessed! She didn’t even go out to get Mercy, the registered nurse, to tell her my grandma stopped breathing so she could do CPR on her!! So since the LPN was in the room with my grandma when she went into cardiac arrest, which means she DID witness it, and didn’t do CPR, which they should have been doing since the arrest was witnessed, that is probably another reason why they lied to the EMTs about the arrest not being witnessed. So they actually let my grandma lay there and die!!! The Division said Mercy, the RN, who was on the phone making these phone calls for so long, should have been in the room with my grandma! If they would have called 911 when they first found my grandma in distress she might still be here! We don’t understand why they didn’t, and before making codes and other phone calls! The director of nursing, (who was formerly Georgie Ann), and the administrator, David Tank, are two of the people you are supposed to report possible neglect to and they just lied and covered it up instead. We never would have gotten to the bottom of this if the Division of Quality Assurance didn’t get involved, and my mom called the administrator for answers and he never retuned her calls, probably because he knew they lied and did wrong that night. Then one time they told my grandma she wasn’t quite ready to come home and needed just a little bit more therapy, which was just a week before the cardiac arrest happened, because they felt she wouldn’t be safe at home yet. She want safe THERE! We loved my grandma and miss her!! She’s dead now because of San Camillus!! She, my mom, and I were very close, and my mom and I were with her all of our lives. When my grandma first went to San Camillus, she would cry because she missed us and her home. This was the first time we had ever been separated for that long. We went to visit her almost every day. When she was in the ICU like a vegetable, she didn’t even know we were there! She was doing so well after her stroke, she was regaining her strength in her legs and hand and was walking better, wanting so bad to come home, trying so hard to get well after the stroke, which she did, and then this happened to her! They just let her lie there in distress and dying and DID NOTHING!!! Then the EMTs come, get her heart beating again, but she was a vegetable thanks to Mercy and that LPN after that because of being in cardiac arrest for too long, and everything my grandma was was GONE! Her memories, feelings, emotions! What me and my mom had with her, GONE!!! Everything she went through after the stroke, the recovery in that place, was all gone and POINTLESS, for NOTHING!!! Just because they didn’t do CPR on her, which THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING!! We were so glad when my grandma’s stroke wasn’t as bad as we feared it might have been, but she ended up like a vegetable with anoxic brain injury, which was WORSE than the stroke thanks to Mercy and San Camillus not doing CPR on her when she went into cardiac arrest!! They are at FAULT for the way my grandma was in the ICU, and for her death, and for what my grandma lost and my family lost! What was that LPN in with my grandma doing while she was lying there dying? Staring at her? Twirling her thumbs? Are they going to reprimand her or Mercy? Fire her? Slap her on the hand? They go to work every day, along with the social worker Lauren, the board of directors, the administrator, David Tank, who ignored all my mom's phone calls for answers, while we live with what happened to my grandma there every day of our lives and we’ll live with it the rest of our lives, while the people at San Camillus go on their merry way. Do they think of us and what they put us through, with the lying and covering up? That was my grandma’s life! It was in their hands! They owe us and her SO MUCH for this! This happened at their facility and they take NO responsibility or fess up and tell the truth about what happened! We don’t even know what kind of distress my grandma was in exactly when they found her. Was she aware, was she scared, asking for help, did she know what was happening? I have bad dreams, and think of her lying there in trouble and no one helping her and them not doing anything, and neither me or my mom being able to help her. The evening before the arrest happened, (I talked to my grandma several times a day on the phone every day while she was in San Camillus), my grandma told me on the phone that she would call me in the morning, but she never did. This has been so hard on my mom and I!!! We have been so distressed by this!!! We still mourn and grieve my grandma!!! We’ve been going through this for six months already!!! San Camillus don’t care what happened to my grandma, how they lied and covered up what happened that night, just to save their own skins, and they don’t care or think about my mom and I or what we have been going through because of this, or how this has been affecting us, and they don’t apologize!!! They just ignore what they did to my grandma, what happened to her, and what they put us through!! This was my grandma’s life that was lost because of them and we get nothing from them in return, except lies, and ignored phone calls!! It’s like we don’t matter or my grandma and her life didn’t matter at all! They were responsible for what happened to her and they know it, but they just ignore it and my mom and I! We entrusted them with my grandma’s care, to take good care of her until she could get home, and expected them to do everything they could to help her if she needed help, like that night and they didn’t! I actually worried about something happening and if they’d get to her on time, but thought I’m sure she’ll be ok and will be taken good care of. I was SO WRONG! They find her in need of help one night and they do NOTHING!!! They just failed her and us! And then lied to us about what really happened to our loved one that night! My grandma never did get to come home thanks to them, except her ashes in a box! We lost so much because of them and they took so much away from us and my grandma!! And we are going after them legally.

Jan 17, 2015

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