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Heard infomercial on a popular radio station. The spiel sounded legitimate. Was informed that I would receive the smoking cessation kit, and could reorder supplies if I saw fit. This occurred in July, 2009. Received the product, tried it and was not satisfied. I chalked this up to a one time loss of $79.90. I was billed for said product in August, 2009. To my amazement, as I was checking my debit card balance, I noticed that $79.90 had been debitted from my account every month, beginning August, 2009, the original and only time that I authorized a deduction. To my horror, these scammers had also debitted my account on two consecutive days in November, 2009, deducting $79.90 from my account three times in two days. Enough was enough. I contacted my card company, had to close that account and be reissued a new card. Contacted BBB and filed complaint on December 5, 2009. BBB informed that the scammers said they listened to a tape whereby I agreed to monthly debits. Sounds insane to spend that much to stop smoking. That was a bold faced lie. Supposedly a full refund will be sent soon. Today is January 19, 2010 and have yet to be refunded a check to settle this atrocity.

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  • Mu
      Feb 09, 2011

    Wow a bit cynical aren't we? I am not a paid script actor I am an ordinary woman who has had good experiences from some of these companies and I don't believe all of these companies are the same as the scams your talking about. So if I can't trust people with my credit card(which is just as likely to get stolen and scammed at your LOCAL walmart) and I can't go online for basics like insurance, flowers, discounted travel rates, and for god sakes my freakin toilet paper then where do I go? It takes responsibility to look into the company you are considering working or getting services from and I think you are wrong for grouping them all together. If you don't like this world we live in then you use cash. The rest of us will learn from the mistakes made and continue to buy our flowers and auto insurance online. Good luck to ya gettin much done wasting your life running around all the time to make cash payments to everyone!

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